03/23/2012 01:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stop, Breathe and Be Thankful for the Little Things, for in God There Are No Big Things


In perilous times such as these, it is increasingly difficult to see the forest for the trees. Stop, breathe and be thankful for the little things, for in God there are no Big things. Once you master this finite art of gratitude, you will come to see there are really no Big things to prevent you from discovering true inner happiness, no matter what your lot.

The world is crashing down around me, my health is in shambles, my finances are a wreck, all of these catch phrases and many more are prevalent and real to many of us at this very second. Now is the time to stop, breathe and be thankful for the little things, for in due time and course, these issues will soon come to pass. A train wreck, once in the making, will be averted by God's most Amazing and Marvelous Grace.

Were you fortunate enough to see the sun rise this morning? Were you equally blessed to see the sun set? Is not sight such a wonderful thing to be thankful for? If you don't believe it's really something in the grand scheme of things that warrants gratitude, go ask someone blind since birth to describe in detail the brilliance of a sunset after a torrential rain, as it radiates across the horizon, announcing to the world that the storm has passed and signals in its glory a brighter day will be yours tomorrow.

Has someone spoken a kind word to you, reached out to you, smiled at you this day? Stop, breathe and be thankful for the little things, for these little things will guide you in your quest to return in kind the favor, giving more than has been taken, for on this day you have been blessed.

Have the words "I love you" been uttered in your presence? Has someone hugged you with all their might? Has a tear been shed because of what you are going through? Has a prayer been raised up on your behalf? Stop, breathe and be thankful for the little things, for these simple acts of love and kindness, displayed through the lives of family and friends, have been offered freely, as well as unselfishly, all without a price.

We are not judged by those who love us based on what we have; nor are we judged in this same light by what we've had and lost. We are judged based on who we are and what we exude and share. Priceless too, are these attributes that forever come to mind, when we stop, breathe and be thankful. We are truly humbled as we give them freely, wrapped in love and expecting nothing in return.

In God's grand scheme, where much is given, much is required. Are you truly willing to take on this burden when so much is truly at stake? Would it not be better to stop, breathe and be thankful for the little things, and let God, through us, in His due time, these big things in Him make?

I can't tell you all things will work out, just as you have planned. What I can tell you is that being thankful encompasses all situations, be they good or bad. First Thessalonians 5:18 instructs us to be thankful in all circumstances. Clarke's Commentary on the Bible states: "While ye live to God, prosperity and adversity will be equally helpful to you." Let's digest that for the moment. Prosperity and adversity are equally helpful to us. How can that be? For in these defining moments, refined as if by fire, they will disperse within us the worthless slag, revealing in the end, all the little things that make up who we are, which God approves as grand.

So stop, breathe and be thankful as you partake in the Master's Plan. In Him you will find it is all the little things of our gratitude that matter the most to Him. And with these acts of thanksgiving, comes His promise to guide us, carry us and be with us, each and every day; bound by His love, smothered by His grace and forever held, safely in His Big, Strong, Loving Hands.