12/08/2011 10:49 am ET Updated Feb 07, 2012

How Tim Tebow Can Teach You to Date

When the Denver Broncos named Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, a lot of people (including yours truly) didn't think Tim Tebow was "really" a starting-caliber NFL quarterback. For a number of reasons, including:

  • He isn't that accurate a passer
  • He doesn't read defenses that well
  • All he does is look at one or two passing options, then takes off running

But you know what? He's 6-1 as a starter this year. The guy he replaced, Kyle Orton, was only 1-4. Even though Orton was a much better passer than Tebow, and a more "conventional" quarterback.

What Orton didn't do was inspire confidence in his teammates. A friend of mine in Denver said that his attitude really sucked the last couple of games he played, and I bet other players picked up on that.

Although it wasn't conventional how Tebow did it, he led his team to five wins in six games -- four of them on the road. Winning on the road is damn tough in the NFL... but the Broncos did it with a less-than-perfect quarterback.

You're probably asking: How does this apply to me successfully approaching and dating women?

You don't need everything conventional wisdom says you're "supposed" to have, to be great at dating and relating to women. Even if you don't have GQ-type looks or physique... a high-status job or business... or tons of cash in the bank... women want this one thing from a guy above all others:

A confident guy that makes her feel good and secure.

Women aren't as attracted to men based on looks, but how a guy makes her feel. They use "emotional logic" to make their decisions about everything -- including attraction.

Another reason Tim Tebow succeeds with an unconventional approach is... the less he thinks, the better he does. Here's what I mean:

During most of the game, Tebow's mind is probably going a million miles a minute with "monkey chatter" about decisions to make on the field. That's why he misses badly on some passes, or doesn't make the right reads.

When it gets late in the game and he's in the two-minute drill, he doesn't have time to think -- he trusts his abilities, instincts and teammates, and has great success.

How many times have you seen an attractive woman, and you've started to over-think about what to say... how to say it... or what line to use. You froze up, didn't even say "hi" to her -- and before you figured out what to say, she was gone.

Compare this to a time when you saw a woman you liked, didn't over-think things... had an easy-flowing conversation... and got her number or scheduled a first date. You were probably relaxed, in the moment, with no "monkey chatter" going on in your head.

So it is time you unleashed the inner Tebow.