07/12/2010 05:24 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Duggar Family Welcomes Home Baby Number 19: What Is Wrong With These People?!

The other day I was looking at Yahoo's home page, and saw that the Duggar family is welcoming home baby number nineteen. Nineteen? You've got to be kidding me.

With the situation being what it is in today's world -- with resources being so precious, oceans being over-fished and the population expanding so rapidly that we're running out of land -- this family is so selfish that they have to have nineteen kids? That's just ridiculous.

I read the article about this three times, and felt like I was going to jump out of my seat each and every time. It made me so angry!

Nineteen children? Can we say selfish?

Nineteen children means that this woman was pregnant for the entirety of her adult life. What are they going to do with nineteen children - start their own community?

I am all about people being morally responsible as far as families go, and looking at the world into which they are bringing children. I have a child on the way, and I have to tell you that one child is all I will bring into this world.

The world is expensive nowadays. The oceans have been over-fished. Our natural resources are going down the drain. Over the next fifty to one hundred years, we're going to run out of so many things that we have right now. I truly believe that when people date and get married, that they need to be conscious of this.

Thinking about this is extremely important, because we have a world that is rapidly expanding and so many people are all about "me." People drive big SUVs getting twelve miles to the gallon so they can fit their two kids in there, and so they can drive themselves around in comfort (like they're in a living room on wheels).

You need to look at the oceans. Look at the Gulf oil spill. Look at what we're doing to our world. Look at what we've done to our world because of oil.

It's all because of our ever-expanding families and roads. We're killing the world every single day, and the Duggars can have nineteen kids. 19 kids! It's ridiculous, selfish and something with which I totally disagree.

How do all of you feel about this? How does it make you feel to be in a world so overpopulated where our natural resources are being eaten up every single day, and to see a family like the Duggars spitting out child after child after child? How does that make you feel that they are the future of our planet?

What do you do to save the planet? How are you saving the planet? How are you actually embracing this beautiful world in which we live?

How does the Gulf oil spill make you feel? How does it make you feel to see beaches get hit really hard with oil, or to see a beautiful mammal like a porpoise beach itself because it can't breathe in the water destroyed by BP?

I'm outraged. What are we all doing about it?

It's amazing. Kevin Costner has a company, and the other day BP bought oil cleaning devices from his company. Isn't this an ocean that belongs to all of us? Why can't we go out there and clean it up ourselves? Why do we need BP to decide when the ocean is going to get cleaned? Why can't companies just go out there and clean it? Why is the government so slow?

With the situation being what it is the world right now, why are families like the Duggars allowed to have nineteen children? Doesn't anybody think about in what kind of world those kids are going to grow up? Doesn't anybody care about what the future looks like?

Recently I was in the Turks & Caicos islands snorkeling off of a reef. The reef barely had any fish left due to over-fishing. This is what we've done to our world. Doesn't anyone care what's going on?

The Duggars clearly don't seem to care what impact having nineteen children will have on our planet. They also don't seem to care about how having nineteen children affects the quality of those nineteen children's lives. Have you ever seen their show? Let's put aside the fact that they struggle with money to be able to provide for this huge family.

The worse part is what they've taken from these children by having so many of them. The children -- particularly the older ones -- are forced to give up being children so that they can become instant "junior parents" to the other children. Did they ask to become a parent while still in elementary school? I don't think so! They also work to sustain the family like grownups.

While I am all for showing children responsibility, this goes way overboard! They are robbing their own children of a real childhood. This could be the most selfish part of this of all.

So about the Duggars, I would simply say this: What is wrong with these people?!