03/08/2011 01:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Is Mike Huckabee So Worried About Natalie Portman?

As I'm reading articles nowadays, it is becoming more and more clear to me that political season is here. I was just reading an article in which Mike Huckabee was slamming Natalie Portman.

This is what our country is coming to -- slamming actresses? Why as a politician running for President are you doing this instead of thinking about real issues like the economy, jobs, school systems and other important things? He is slamming Oscar-winner Natalie Portman because she is an unwed mother-to-be (although she is engaged) who is seven months pregnant, and she was basically flaunting that fact.

Who cares? Does marriage make kids any healthier? I know a lot of people who brought up their kids as single parents and their kids did amazingly well. Would you rather have one parent who loves you, or two parents who absolutely can't stand being together and have that rub off on you?

You know, the biggest thing a child sees when they're growing up is the way the parents treat one another. So the people who are kidding themselves and who got married only because they got pregnant (but who weren't really in love), are just setting it up so the child can see that they don't love each other by the way they treat each other. A child sees exactly the way his/her parents treat each other, and that's how he/she learns how to treat people in relationships.

So here we are in 2011, and we are making fun of unwed mothers. Why are we such a puritan country? Why are we so backwards in so many ways?

This is not an important thing. Mike Huckabee made fun of Natalie Portman just because she wanted to thank the father of her child for the child he's given her even though they aren't married. Mike Huckabee basically asked why the guy hadn't given Natalie Portman the gift of being married.

Who cares about Natalie Portman, her personal life and how she chooses to raise her baby? It's none of our concern. She's not a role model for anybody.

People need to worry about their own lives. They need to read and figure out in what kind of relationship THEY want to be. They need to figure out how they want to raise their own kids, and not how a guy named Huckabee has decided they should do it.

It's amazing what these politicians try to come up with as their campaign points. We've become such a pop culture society that we don't even campaign on real issues anymore. Instead we attack actresses.

Who cares what Natalie Portman does with her kid? Who cares if she raises her kid in the forests of Africa hanging from a tree, unwed and in love, if that is what she wants to do? Who cares?

What matters is that politicians need to start waking up a little bit. They need to start digging into the economic issues, the school systems that are terrible, and the other real issues.

The fact that Natalie Portman is about to be an unwed mother is not going to affect the way that people in this society view marriage. She is not that big of a role model for anybody.

As a President, you are supposed to be a leader. Leaders lead with their statements. They lead with their convictions.

Nowadays, leaders seem to lead by mudslinging. Man, we've got a lot of growing up to do in this country.