01/27/2016 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It's Time to Connect


Do you feel connected? Do you even know what the word connect means? The word 'connect' means to join together.

We are all guilty of wearing masks, that's why we live in a selfie society. Lack of belief in self, feeling as one is incapable, not worthy or deserving, so we act as someone we are not. By doing this we dilute respect for ourselves. We compromise our values to satisfy our ego. This in return provides surface character, cracks in our integrity. Selfies starve for acceptance but what we need to realize is, it's trueness that others relate to. So until we achieve a place of authenticity with the self, the rest of life becomes a challenge.

Take for instance a relationship with a partner. If we can't have openness and acceptance with self then how do we expect someone else to accept us when we are not even being who we were born to be? This is often referred to as purpose. Purpose is not just about a position or works of life, it's about the whole package, our blueprint and what makes us tick. So until we find what makes us whole as an individual -- why we were born, what in life supplies us with unstoppable joy and acceptance for why we were created -- then we can't connect in a loving open way with another person.

Connection happens when we focus on our inner being rather than our outer desires. But how can we know what that inner being is when there is so much noise? We stay busy so we don't have to face self and unveil the truth of our flaws and the choices we made. We don't want to accept that what has happened to us was our choice of allowing things to happen. Perhaps it's fear that stands in our way. But when you uncover the truth that everything is a part of you and nothing in life is separate, that people and moments in life show up as a reflection of what you have called in to be, it's then that you will become connected. It's then that you will be accepting of who you are meant to be as a form of freedom that supplies great power.

Up until this point it's as if you have been caged your entire life, so go ahead it's time to fly free. But before you can reach this place there are some key ingredients that are required.

1. Be Authentic
2. Have Respect
3. Have Depth to your character
4. Believe in yourself.

Don't over think it, feel it, own it, open to it, accept it. There is no past there is only now. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, what is that sound I hear? Wait a minute that's my heart. When we block out all the noise we hear our heart. So, it doesn't matter if we try to connect with ourselves, a partner, children, or a boss, the success of connection comes down to one word, heart, because it's only from the heart that you can touch the sky.