01/06/2015 02:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 5 Things to Do Every Day for Success Have Not Changed

Don Farrall via Getty Images

Originally written in early 2011 for a leading entrepreneurial magazine, the 5 Things To Do Every Day for Success went viral around the world for over a year. Why? Because the steps are simple, they never change, and most people are always looking for that one thing that will help them succeed. These five things have not changed... and never will. In fact, now more than ever, it seems people need to be reminded of the basics, the foundation of success -- no matter who you are or what you do. Looking to succeed in 2015? Try these five things starting today:

1. Wake up early.
This continues to be a point of argument between the "early birds" and "night owls." What's important to keep in mind is this is not about you. It is about the people who bring you business and ultimately money. Be up before they are and be up before your competition. Plus, when you are up early, you can take care of the next one with plenty of time to spare the rest of the day.

2. Be informed.
Watch the news, read the news, listen to the news -- I don't care how you consume it, just consume it -- as much as you can of world, national, regional, local, pop culture, business, finance, technology news and more. There are entirely too many news apps these days to make an excuse. And, make sure you have a breaking news app on your phone. Know what is going on so you can recognize opportunities -- or problems -- before anyone else does.

3. Send something to someone who can eventually give you money.
This can be an invoice or something as simple as an article you read or a product you saw that made you think about this person. I often send clients articles that make me think about their business, things they might want to read. It makes you top of mind for him or her that day.

4. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while.
Someone in your family, a friend, an old client, or someone you have connected with on a social media platform. Make it about them -- not you. How are you? What have you been doing since we last communicated? What are you working on? How can I help? That's it. And, if you do offer to help in any way -- follow through! Again, this makes you top of mind with someone who might not have necessarily thought of you that day. And it makes people feel special to know you were thinking of them enough to get in touch and just say hi -- and not ask for anything.


5. Write a handwritten note..
Think back to the last time you received a handwritten note. Even if it was some time ago, you probably remember it. A handwritten note means you care enough to take the time to make it personal and make it stand out. Be the one who stands out today.

Are you doing these things daily? If yes, good for you. I applaud you and your successes.

If no, why not? These are not difficult or time consuming things to do, it's the consistency to make these things habit that is difficult. That's why most people won't take the time to do these things and won't succeed. So, while you have all that New Years' resolution energy, make these habits a part of your new routine. Today. Every day.

Happy New Year!

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