01/15/2014 11:14 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

Resolution Revolution

I love fresh starts and for me, that's what the New Year is all about. I don't think I'm imagining that people are more hopeful then they have been in the past couple of years, even genuinely optimistic, about 2014. That makes me happy.

Then I started thinking about New Year's resolutions. Did you know that approximately 2 weeks into the New Year, about 30% of people who resolved to change their lifestyle this year have already given up? Probably because their goals were so unrealistic that the only thing they could count on was failure. I mean who thinks giving up dessert is a good idea or even healthy?

Therefore, this year, I declared a Resolution Revolution! That's right, I've decided to make one New Year's Resolution that will continue to motivate me and inspire optimism, because I know it will take some work, but I can achieve it.

I resolve to show the people I love how much I appreciate them. That's it. To me that means spending more time with family and friends. Really listening to them. And most importantly, telling them now that I love them, I appreciate them, I am grateful they are in my life. Sometimes I wish that all my friends and family could live forever -- maybe I have a Superman complex. But I know from personal experience how suddenly we can lose someone.

This reality hits home when I think about all the men and women in the armed forces. I admire and support our troops. I try and show that by visiting them in Iraq and Afghanistan. I honor and respect all their sacrifices and all that they do. When I come back from a military visit overseas, I hug my son. Ruffle his hair. Tell him I love him and don't care that I'm that embarrassing Dad.

Maybe you have room to include one more resolution for 2014. Share mine. Show the people you love how much you appreciate them. This may just be your best year ever!