12/11/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Happy? Honestly?


Hey, everybody. Welcome to this week's Weekly Wisdom. This is Dean Graziosi. I'm here in my backyard on my iPhone, but I had a really important message I want to share with you today.

You know, heading into the holiday season there'll be a lot of presents, and gifts, and happiness. And I wanted to share with my children that happiness is more than just external factors that give you a temporary boost.

What I said was, "Hey, guys. If you get what you asked Santa for, will that make you happy?" And they're like, "Yeah!" And I said, "But what if I took that present and I wrapped it for you and I gave it to you next week, and gave it to you the next week, gave it to you the next week? Would it kind of wear off?" And they were like, "Yeah...."

And what I was trying to say to them is, enjoy your presents and love them, but happiness comes from the inside. It originates when you become the thermostat of life and not the thermometer.

Not changing who you are, how you feel when there's too liberal of a president or too conservative of a president or when the economy's good or when the economy's bad or when your husband or wife is good to you or when your husband or wife is bad to you. When your kids are good or when your kids are bad. When you have money in the bank or no money in the bank. Believe me, I am in no way saying that money doesn't help with happiness.

Dan Sullivan says, "If you can cut a check for a problem. You don't have that problem." That is true. When you can cut a check to help other people or build security in your own life or help strangers, that money is an amazing thing to go after.

And what I'm sharing today is that I want to make sure you don't chase things... because I did for years thinking when I made that certain amount of money, when there was something different going on in my life then that will make me happy.

Don't put off being happy until tomorrow. Find your happiness now. And, maybe that's easier said than done. You might be saying, "Well, Dean, you've got money now. It's easy."

No, I didn't find happiness because of money. What I found was when I truly understood my purpose and what really made me buzz on the inside and I did more of that and less of the things that frustrated me or that stripped my confidence, I started to find happiness.

So what I urge you this month, this time of the year going into the holidays, is really start being aware of what is it that drives you? What is your inner purpose?

If we were 100 years old right now, or you were 100 years old right now and you were looking back on your life, would you say, "Well, I had all the money but I wasn't the greatest parent?" Or, "I was a great parent and I would do nothing different."

You know, what are the things that drive and motivate you, that you could rewind your future and come back to right now in this present time and say, "That's my purpose. That's who I am," or maybe it's just a, a dirty diamond and you need to polish it.

This is a great time to reflect, a great time of the year to reflect and polish that own inner diamond of yours and find something that allows happiness to shine out rather than waiting for those exterior things to shine light in.

That's my message for this week. It's kind of the message I shared with my kids and I wanted to share it with you.

If you're new, I am SO glad to have you. If you've been coming for years, thanks for coming back.

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I'm Dean Graziosi and thank you so much for your time. I'll talk to you next week!

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