10/31/2013 02:05 pm ET Updated Dec 31, 2013

Want to Create More Jobs and Help the Economy? Invest in Real Estate...

As the final quarter of 2013 inches ever closer to an end, how has the year treated you economically?

Let's look back and see what has happened in the economy and what we might do to improve things as we move forward.

In February 2013, the economy showed a big boost attributed in part to the housing recovery. (As the housing market began to recover, construction jobs return and economic growth is poised to speed up.)

In March 2013, The Economic Report of the President was released. Prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) as part of the Federal budget process, it shows the economic background that supports their budget.

The Report shows a thorough description of what's happened to the economy (and what's predicted to happen) from some of the most knowledgeable economists in the country. It is loaded with trend data that supports their conclusions and also offers insight into the President's budget -- and the story behind the numbers.

What the President's report doesn't show is how real estate investors truly impact the economy. This info-graphic has concrete examples of how real estate investing impacts the workforce and economic turnaround. (Click the image on the right to enlarge)

As I wrote this, the government had just ended its first shutdown in 17 years. Americans are still a bit shaken over what the future holds. Well, you can worry or you can take action. Educating yourself about getting involved in real estate might be worth a few hours of your time. The economic impact potential, can positively transform the life of anyone who invests. Also, by creating more revenue for the jobs real estate investing creates, it can also improve the health of the local and national economy.

The real estate market is shifting, yet it is still an amazing time to be involved. It is still one of the most accessible ways for "mom and pop" types to dramatically improve their financial picture. I'm unsure exactly how many newbies are actively investing. It could be tens of hundreds or tens of thousands, but I think it is possible that their collective impact just might be a more stable and powerful force on the stimulus of the economy than anyone, including the President, could have predicted.

-- Dean Graziosi

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