10/07/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Peggy Noonan: Yes, Sarah Killed - Wolves, for Starters

"Sarah Palin killed," Peggy Noonan writes in today's "And more than killed." Of course she's referring to her jokes - and all the other lines she delivered so well. Then she goes on to suggest that Palin is "normal," as compared to Hillary Clinton, who, among other things, is "grim."

But it would seem that Noonan the careful wordsmith has let something slip. Indeed Sarah Palin has killed. She is a veritable Grim Reaper of the tundra, wrapping herself in the flag while mowing down wolves from the air and proclaiming her love of life at the same time.

Her official photographs show her pride in her ability to whack wildlife. How happy she looks in her office with a vast bearskin across her couch and a dead king crab as the centerpiece of a coffee table. See how she smiles when she talks of bagging moose. And how satisfied she seems to feel in taking down polar bears simply by filing a lawsuit.

Oh yes, see how she loves Jesus as she lays waste to the Garden of Eden!

This is not normal. It is beyond grim. Whoever got to McCain to foist the killa from Wasilla on to the ballot has also gotten to Noonan, who now, like every other Republican, has the blood of our wildlife on their hands as they proclaim the end of east coast "elites" and the triumph of the West while obliterating our heritage, our souls, our spirit.