03/11/2014 05:13 pm ET Updated May 11, 2014

My Cup Runneth Over With Just Enough

We live in a culture fueled by greed. A society where the monetary rewards are high for those who place the all-mighty dollar first and foremost in their lives. A lifestyle that places the highest value on the material possession of dollars and things... bank accounts, gems and jewels, cars, houses, and boats over the deeper treasures of family, friends, gratitude and inner peace.

Almost 2.5 years ago I learned the value of "just enough" when my youngest daughter, Cait Chivonne, passed from this world. I am ever thankful, ever grateful for having "just enough," and I wish the same for you...

As parents, it is our job to protect our children. It is a sacred honor extended since the beginning of time. Our children are not ours to own; they come into this world through us, and we are given the opportunity to nurture, teach and, most importantly, love them. Our children are our children, no matter what their age. It is incumbent upon us to watch over and guide them when they are young and to be there for them when they are grown.

When a child passes from this world before their parents, it strikes us as an obscene error. We ask ourselves, "How can this be?" Then, as moments turn to days, days to weeks and weeks to months, we ask ourselves, "How can we possibly survive such tremendous loss, loss of actual significant parts of ourselves, loss of all sensibilities, the loss of our beloved, cherished child?"

Facing this new reality demands that we dive to our very depths and scour every cell of our being to find strength... just a bit... just enough... to get us through a moment, then through a day, then a week, and so on... just enough to allow our hearts to remain open.

While we do this deep dive and soul search, we also hold onto the love and support we receive, the wonderful and healing love and support of family, friends and community and, ultimately, the sweet love of our child. We learn that as we keep our hearts open, our hearts receive all of this love.

When I learned Cait Chivonne had passed... I remember feeling like I had been shot full of holes -- brutally and continually shot. My body, heart and brain shot full of vicious holes. I felt like I was bleeding, leaking, riddled with pain and numb all at once. It was the love from those here and beyond, coupled with the opportunity to share my love that began to fill those holes. Like a fine wine with good legs, the love seemed to cling to the edges of each hole... just enough... just enough to make us strong enough -- to begin to honor our girl.

I propose we embrace the concept of "just enough" and apply it across all aspects of our lives. Let us pray each and every one of us has just enough... just enough to heal our hearts... just enough keep us safe and well... just enough to feed our hearts, minds and stomachs... just enough so that we each may strive for just a wee but more... just a wee bit more for each and every one of us.

Excerpt From: Love Honor Celebrate copyright 2013 Deb Carlin Polhill