12/29/2014 05:40 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2015

Emotions: Wrapped in Color?

The holiday season can be emotional. And as humans, we can express many positive emotions, including emotions of love, expression of self, recognition of self, courage, hope, gratitude (among others), and negative emotions: anger and fear (most negative emotions are based out of anger and/or fear).

We may start out by thinking everyone is calm, cool and collected, only to find that underneath the surface, and quite often on top of the surface, are emotions that must be heard. And why not air them with an audience of family and friends during the holidays, some say? Well, many do.

Usually upon reflection of those emotions, we will wish we could start over. Or perhaps we find that something good comes out of something not so good. Should the emotions spill over into anger or fear, voicing the secrets from long ago, or showing disgruntled attitudes: if we are lucky, we will discover something beneficial after the 'showdown' of emotions.

Whenever you put a mix of different personalities together, watch the dynamics, as well as the motivations: there are almost always motivations driving those dynamics(whether consciously or subconsciously).

The word emotions and motivation are derived from the same Latin root word. What are the dynamics of the situation? Can you figure out or find out the motivations behind those dynamics? And emotions play a big part.

I love the word dynamics, as it is what I call a 'stand up word.' It has so much meaning, and depth. And is such a 'helpful' word if you think about its meaning and analyze with it.

Webster's dictionary states dynamics is: "the way that two or more people behave with each other because of a particular situation; always active or changing, having or showing a lot of energy."

And finding out the motivation(s) behind those dynamics can be interesting, and enlightening and help us in relating to the situation(s). Sometimes we don't always know the motivation behind the dynamics, or want to know. But more often than not, whether you have to ask or wait to know, knowing the motivation(s) can be helpful in knowing the feelings and emotions behind those dynamics. This helps solve problems, or understand relationships, and can help us see situations more clearly.

Emotional intelligence is something we all want. And self control is a good thing. But if you have feelings, if you have emotions, sometimes they simply spill out and need to be heard. And other times, it is best to exercise that self-control.

Happy Holidays! And may all your days be filled with positive emotions!!