12/02/2014 10:54 am ET Updated Feb 01, 2015

Thankful for Truth

I remember being told as a 10-year-old kid "you are pretty forthright." I wasn't quite sure what that was, so I looked it up one day. Websters dictionary stated "going straight to the point; frank; direct; outspoken."

Mmmm, I thought. I know I'm friendly, I know I'm outspoken and outgoing, and yes, I guess I am direct in many ways.

"Sometimes people call it blunt," my Mom said when I asked her opinion on the subject, "but I don't see you as blunt, I see you as honest as the day is long and very direct."

I never could understand why it was so hard to say what is true. I would simply blurt out what seemed an honest thought, or answer, or inquiry. Why hide anything? Isn't it easier simply to say what is true?

I could tell sometimes over the years, in discussions and communications, when I tried to get to a truth, some people would look at me as though I had dropped off the moon. Why bother? I imagined they thought.

Does that mean I have never disguised the truth? No. I'm the first to say I am not a saint, for sure. But I have tried 95 percent of the time to tell, find, or reveal the truth where I was involved. It simply seemed easier and... more direct. Over righteous or upright? Those terms need not apply.

As I grew older, I realized that if we are to think of truth, we generally think of the word reality. Which then ponders the thought: Isn't reality sometimes subjective? Don't we, as individuals, see reality in different ways quite often?

But then, I pondered, is there more than one truth?

Isn't truth, in itself, revealed as transparent realism? The one and only? How can there be more than one real truth?

If truth is honesty, which I believe it is, with honesty being the absence of deceit, then truth must reveal the real, as distinguished from the speculative. And what is really the real?

Must it be factual? Doesn't genuine reflect all we hope for?

I think life presents in its most dynamic dimensions as we all search for the truth.

"The Truth will set you free," John 8:32. And what a freeing agent it is: where truth be told, where truth be found, where truth is revealed, there is an Angelic Peace in our hearts, our souls, our minds.

I am Thankful for the search, I am Thankful for the find. Truly a Blessing... truly... the truth.