09/29/2014 02:44 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2014

10 Ways to Dream Big

If Columbus taught us anything, it was to dream big. The 15th Century navigator and explorer endured failure, disappointment and ridicule before the journey that made him famous. Columbus Day is a good reminder to pursue your dreams, no matter what.

Here are 10 ways to dream big:

• Know exactly what you want. A dream starts with a concise objective or intention.
• Have a daily daydream about your dream -- imagine what it looks like, how it makes you feel and who it brings into your life.
• Create a dream board and paste pictures, words or articles of anything that represents your dream onto it.
• Write the story of your dream. Record it and listen to it each night before bedtime.
• Never give up, even after failure. It could lead to an even bigger dream. Columbus was looking for a route to East Asia, not the North American continent.
• Talk about your dream using positive words as if you believe and expect it will happen. BTW, you should believe and expect it will happen!
• Tell others about your dream. You never know who can help you.
• Believe that you deserve your dream to come true.
• Imagine how your dream will help others. How will it enable you to give back?
• Be in constant gratitude for all the ups and downs on the journey towards your dream.