09/28/2005 02:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Warren Beatty Takes on the Disgracinator

Want to know why progressives lose? Because they don’t stand up for themselves. They don’t get involved. Remember Warren Beatty in Bulworth? The message there: Care enough to get involve in the whole political process. Our actions or inactions count!

The majority of Americans want healthcare for all. The majority of Americans want peace in Iraq. The majority of Americans want better schools for our children and an end to corporate corruption of politics

But voters need leadership and clarity in order to vote for these things. That’s why George Bush beat John Kerry, who apparently was unclear of his own position on the Iraq War, and that’s why California is suffering under the strong arm government of Arnold “The Disgracinator” Schwarzenegger.

Warren Beatty, in an amazing speech Thursday to the California Nurses Association House of Delegates, showed progressives how to stand up and fight for what is right. You can read the full speech here, but this line hits both Schwarzenegger and Bush right in the gut:

After the Academy Award ceremony when they asked my elderly friend the late Ruth Gordon when she finally won the award what her secret of success was, standing there in a fucia mini skirt at the age of 87, she said:

"It’s very simple. Never face facts."

That’s a funny answer in show business. In government it’s not funny.

Government’s not show business.

Governing by show, by spin, by cosmetics, and photo ops, fake events, fake issues and fake crowds and backdrops…is a mistake.

Not facing facts is a mistake.

That concept of reality should be saved for action movies and show business.

The audience kept calling out “Run, Warren, Run.” Apparently it’s not going to happen, at least not now, but you can always hope, can’t you?