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14 Interior Design Trends To Watch For In 2016

We talked about what home decor trends we were ready to part with in 2015, so we thought we would chat a little about some trends we predict to be wildly popular in 2016. Here we go!


We shared our love for patterned tile with you before, and shared some beautiful inspiration. They have been around forever, but lately they are popping up everywhere. If you are not ready to install these bold beauties all over your floor, you can opt for some small touches here and there, or a pattern design inside a plain tile.


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Wallpaper has been around forever, and though it has seen days where it was in or out, we have a feeling it has now become a classic. With literally millions of patterns to choose from, from busy to colorful to just textured, there is definitely one that fits your style.


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Handmade goods and artisan items are making their way into our homes and our hearts, and we could not be more pleased. Etsy is growing nonstop, and small businesses and artists now have a chance to compete with the big guys.

Pottery is making a huge comeback (did it ever really leave or did we just stop paying as much attention to it??), and now we want it everywhere. Custom pieces with imperfections and watercolor patterns are absolute favorites.


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Matchy, thematic interiors are out, design freedom is in. Designers predict less structure, and more layered, cultured and eclectic combinations of design aesthetic. For so long we were told to "stick with the theme" and not deviate, but now we are encouraged to pick what we like, and use it in a cohesive effort.

This opens up huge doors for those creative designers and decorators who always felt stifled by the "rules." Mix a little classic with a little vintage with a little whatever the hell you want, and design a room that makes you happy!


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Chrome had its moment in 2014, brass enjoyed lots of love in 2015, but 2016 seems to be the year for copper. Trendy stores like Kit and Ace and designers on HGTV are beginning to incorporate copper touches in their aesthetic, and we can't deny we love that rosy sparkle.

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