08/02/2013 01:55 pm ET

Feng Shui and Meditation

Feng shui has gained popularity in the United States in recent years. During hard times people often look to feng shui remedies to increase income, wealth, love and health. There are many books in the "how-to" category offering entertaining reading and easy to implement do-it-yourself tips. However this 5,000-year-old practice, like an onion, has many intricate layers, complexities and unspoken truths. Everyone I meet longs to hear what goes on above and beyond moving furniture around in a living or working space. What happens before and after a feng shui consultation is just as important as what happens during your time with your practitioner... it is where the mystery truly lies.

In the course of working with clients, it is sometimes beneficial to take them through a guided meditation. This is definitely not for everyone but it does have its place. Professional athletes often use this technique to visualize their goals, master their strategy, envision winning the championship, imagine what it would be like and try to actually feel the sensation of the championship rings on their fingers. Much like an athlete, when you are busy running a business or dealing with a personal challenge, it can be difficult to empty your mind and clearly define your vision. The goals for your project or the next chapter of your life may be locked away inside of you. Utilizing meditation as one of my many tools is often the key that opens up clients to new ideas and a clear understanding of their own vision and goals.

To begin, I have my client visualize a warm, healing, glowing golden energy that turns into a ribbon of light. With feet firmly on the ground, this glowing ribbon of light enters our bodies through the earth and travels through our organs. As it glows, it heals the intestines, liver, spleen, lungs and heart. This warm golden ribbon of light travels into our minds, and heals all of our emotions, stress and anxieties. The ribbon then travels through our heads and reaches to the heavens, thereby connecting us to all other energies and all possibilities as we become one with the universe.

The results are often surprising because many people have not taken the time to explore what they truly want to attract to their businesses, organizations, projects and their lives. This is important information for a feng shui master. Thoroughly understanding your goals is the key to achieving them through the art of feng shui.

It's been said before in many ways and has been attributed to Buddha, Confucius and others: "Wherever you go, there you are." Feng shui is built on the fundamental belief that "home" is wherever you are, and that it is essential to nurture your indoor space so that it nurtures the spirit within.

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