Feng Shui Energy in the Year of the Horse

01/13/2014 04:49 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2014

Tighten your seat belt because the new year of the Wood Horse is about to gallop in! Every Chinese New Year brings in one of the 12 astrological animals, and with it a new energy.

This Horse brings a Wood energy, which is the energy of rebirth and growth. The Horse takes this energy and brings it on with light speed on January 31, when the Chinese New Year officially begins.

The new energy flies in as if this Horse has wings. It is then ignited and intensified even more by the energy of the Fire Tiger, which is the energy associated with February 2014. We begin this year in flames. What a powerful start to the New Year!

Do not hesitate with your plans and decisions, because this year everything happens very quickly! It will be startling in comparison to the slower energy of the Water Snake of 2013. The Wood Horse can bring you fast successes, exciting journeys and unexpected passion and romance. This is a lucky year when hard work and determination brings triumph.

The Year of the Wood Horse is a great year to take a chance on something that feels right. Thinking of a major life change? This is a good year to transform your life and move in a new direction. Do your due diligence, especially with any financial or romantic decisions you are about to make, because with the excitement that accompanies this year, you can easily get swept off your feet.

Some tips for welcoming this new energy on January 31:

• Wear red, the color of prosperity and abundance
• Fresh flowers are important when decorating for the New Year
• Open a door or window to let the new energy in to your home or office before midnight
• Place five oranges around your space. One in the center, and one in each direction for luck
• Place money in red envelops, and give them as presents to children
• Journal about good luck, fortune and your desires and intentions for the new year

The year of the Wood Horse is the perfect time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome new beginnings and a fresh start. The color associated with this year is green, and the shape is rectangular -- like tall skyscrapers. It is a time of rebirth, growth and rising energy. So saddle up and hang on tight and enjoy the ride of the Wood Horse!

Debra Duneier is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner, Certified Eco-Designer, accredited LEEDᅡᆴ Green Associate and award winning Author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience. www.ecochi.com