05/07/2012 02:16 pm ET

Mother's Day EcoChi Tips From My Grandma

As I sit under the wise old willow tree in my backyard, I daydream about past Mother's Days from my childhood. In those days my brothers and I would excitedly jump in the back seat of a four-door Oldsmobile with great anticipation to visit grandma. My grandmother lived in East New York in Brooklyn, where she rented a small apartment in a five-family house. We walked up three flights of stairs and found her at the top outfitted in a pink apron and a warm smile. The streets were cobblestone, and on the corner was a farm where she would buy her milk and on special occasions, a chicken. The way she lived her life was very simple -- the kind of simplicity many of us yearn for in our fast-paced, high tech world.

EcoChi philosophy embraces simplicity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Making healthy choices for ourselves most often is also a good choice for our planet. Nurture the home within you and it nurtures our planet, too! This Mother's Day I would like to pay tribute to the lessons learned from our grandmothers. Keep these tips top of mind and we are sure to benefit from the wisdom passed on to us as we pass it on to future generations.

EcoChi Tips From Grandma

1. Wear a hat in the sun. Skin cancer is on the rise, so be sure to wear your hat between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

2. Hang your clothes outdoors to dry. Save energy by taking advantage of the warm weather to dry your clothes outdoors and enjoy freshness that cannot be duplicated by a machine.

3. Air out your room. Indoor air pollution is caused by many factors, including the off-gassing of toxins from fabrics paints and adhesives, so give your space an air bath.

4. Eat your vegetables. If you include four to five servings of vegetables a day you can benefit your health. Eat organic produce from local farms when possible, which cuts down on its carbon footprint -- caring for the earth while caring for you.

5. Use a metal strainer instead of plastic. Especially when draining hot food because it is believed and shown in some cases plastics leach toxic chemicals into our food and drink. It also is not biodegradable and is found in mass in our oceans.

6. Take a 10-minute nap. Studies show that taking a 10-20 minute nap has health benefits and should not disrupt your night's sleep routine. A short afternoon nap can improve memory, learning and creativity.

7. Use a little water and vinegar. Clean everything from kitchen counters to floors with this eco-friendly mixture: 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 cup of water. Put in a spray bottle for easy use. Keep toxic cleaning products out of your home to avoid allergies and other harmful effects.

Happy Mother's Day and thanks Grandma!

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