02/18/2015 01:52 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2015

The Year of the Wood Sheep

In 2014, the Year of the Horse, the Wood energy galloped in. It took our breath away with its speed and force. Whether it was blessings or loss, we experienced it fast and furiously. On February 19th the energy of another Wood Year is arriving. Wood energy is all about new beginnings, growth and renewal and this year is ushered in gently with the soft, fluffy, friendly and cuddly Sheep.

My annual reporting on the incoming year's energy is not meant to be a horoscope. It is more like a weather report and the forecast looks good! The Wood Sheep promises to be a more favorable year than last year. Two Wood years in a row brings opportunities for significant changes for individuals, the economy and the world. This shift can help to stabilize your personal life, work, finances, love and an overall feeling of optimism about our world's future.

The Wood Sheep is a hard working energy leading the way to endless possibilities for well-being and prosperity. This new beginning can bring about transforming innovations in technology, medicine and even astronomy. Creativity abounds and our lives will be forever changed by the discoveries and inventions that will begin to unfold this year. Think computers, smart phones, air conditioners-what would our lives be like without them? We are entering a period of life altering innovations.
Improvements in health, wellness and a raised consciousness pertaining to our environment will also be at the forefront of this new chapter. For those of us who have been struggling we will soon be able to have a sigh of relief. This will happen closer to summer when the Wood Sheep overshadows any negative problems of the past with positive and more hopeful outcomes.

What can you do to enhance this fabulous energy about to arrive?

• Open a door or a window on February 18th at midnight to let this new energy into your home
• Buy a new indoor green plant or tree and place it in a green rectangular planter
• Start growing an indoor herb garden
• Add rectangular framed art of a forest or trees in the east side of your home
• A water fountain placed in your office will bring abundance and prosperity
• Start a new project, hobby or begin writing in a personal journal

There are great things in store for us in 2015. Be patient, welcome and enjoy the energy of the Wood Sheep and embrace all the opportunities that it offers.