11/08/2011 01:28 pm ET Updated Jan 08, 2012

Bill Clinton an Obama Ally? With Friends Like This...

Will Bill Clinton's self-centered balloon ever land? I'm sure when people asked Barack Obama which former president he would most worry about stomping on his message on a regular basis, he never thought it would be Bill Clinton.

Every time I turn around, Bill is on my TV. He's either doing cable interviews or sitting with Jay Leno or he's hosting a celebrity bash with Lady Gaga's butt in his face. Now, apparently he's coming out with a new book slated to be released in the middle of an election season (a coincidence, I'm sure) where he's taking little swipes at President Obama about the 2010 midterms and the debt ceiling debates. Of course a new book means we will have the thrill of being inundated with 'all Clinton-all the time' interviews and book coverage for the foreseeable future... Yippee! I honestly don't recall Clinton being this visible and active during the 8 years of George W. Bush's presidency. Is it just me?

Is Bill Clinton such a glory hog that he cannot stand for anyone else in the Democratic Party, including Obama, to have the spotlight even a little? It appears that whenever things seem to be looking up for Obama, Bill Clinton always comes out of the woodwork to say "hey, look at me, I was better!" With the circus of the debt ceiling debates and a potential government shut-down, Obama had a horrible summer and his poll numbers were the lowest of his presidency... and yet you didn't hear much out of Clinton's Obama critique machine. Now, Obama appears to be having a better fall -- his poll numbers seem to be rising, he got rid of the #2 Al Qaeda leader and also helped get rid of Gaddafi, he just announced the end of the Iraq war and his jobs message seems to be resonating with the help of the 99% movement -- and like clockwork... here comes Bill "hey, over here!" Clinton.

On this front, George W. Bush deserves much praise. He has remained relatively quiet throughout Barack Obama's term and has said publicly that out of respect he would not openly criticize what kind of job he thought another president was doing. Even though some in his party would love for him to take potshots at Obama (some have begged him to), Bush has consistently declined. Kudos Mr. Bush... very classy! I think I found one area where Bubba could stand to take some advice from GWB!

I find myself wondering how long it will be before the expiration date finally runs out on Bill Clinton and his seemingly innocent digs at Obama. Regardless of his national poll numbers, Obama remains extremely popular on the Left. I believe people will listen to Clinton's subtle Obama gripes for only so long before they start asking questions about his motives and why he seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth... praising Obama one day and openly jabbing him the next. I honestly believe that if the media didn't have such a long-standing love affair with the Clintons, this question might have been asked of him already.

Just once, I would love to hear someone in the media ask Clinton, "As a former president, what do you think of past presidents openly criticizing the policies and/or actions of a current president... especially a president in their own party?" I'd TiVo that answer!

Given all the problems Herman Cain is facing right now with females who used to work for him, you would think Clinton would sit down somewhere and lay low. Lord knows that every time a Republican gets caught with his pants down (so to speak) the first person Conservatives pull out of dry dock for a comparison as having had similar problems is Bill Clinton. If I recall correctly, Clinton had his own difficulties with party unity during his term, that little impeachment episode didn't win him too many Democratic friends (nor did welfare/food stamp reform, NAFTA, Don't Ask-Don't Tell and DOMA), but isn't it funny how people tend to forget little things like that... especially when trying to criticize someone else?

Personally, I like Bill Clinton but he had his 8 years in the sun so you have to ask why he seems intent on constantly casting a shadow on Barack Obama?!

I'm just asking... I'm hoping others will too.