11/05/2012 06:04 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Expect 8 More Years of War With Romney

This story is dedicated to our military soldiers who have been deployed numerous times and are tired:

As a woman veteran of the Armed Forces, I take issue with people like Romney who want to become our Commander in Chief -- yet, Mitt dodged the draft four times. Perhaps I might be more open to Mitt's request of increasing our $2.1 trillion in defense if he had put his own hind end on the line. What does Romney want an increase of $2.1 trillion for? It smells of warmongering to me, and Americans need to start choosing our battles more carefully because we need to minimize bloodshed after a decade of war.

I believe Obama won the military audience when he said, "We then started to build up Afghan forces, and we're now in a position where we can transition out, because there's no reason why Americans should die when Afghans are perfectly capable of defending their own country." He later noted, "Change is an America that turns the page on a decade of war to do some nation-building here at home."

Face it, folks. Our military members, their families are tired of constantly being deployed.

It is time to focus on gomeland issues, and Romney is on the record for wanting to increase the defense war budget by $2.1 trillion dollars even though our military didn't ask for it. It's one thing for our military to ask for an increase -- but they didn't ask for it to begin with.

Sound familiar?

It sounds like Romney is appeasing special interest groups that benefit from war -- and that is the bottom line.

I believe we ought to choose our battles more carefully, and give our military a rest to a degree. When our troops are rested, and when their morale is strengthened, they become better focused fighters anyway.

More importantly, a woman has never served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS); therefore, any president promoting women to the JCS within his first 100 days would give many of us a sigh of relief and encouragement. So many women in the U.S. are related to sons, daughters or relatives currently serving our armed forces, and we are feeling apprehensive and pressure with regard to the multiple wars we have been engaged in. It would be helpful knowing that more women are part of the "advisory committee," which helps plan joint operations and resolutions of military problems because, as it stands, there appears to be too much testosterone fueling those key decisions. It would be helpful for us to see balance at a strategic leadership level.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who has been following foreign policy and the pulse of our military and veterans. It's a fact: Military members are tired of being deployed four or fivetimes. Military dependents, relatives, friends and Americans are sick and tired of a decade of war implemented by George W. Bush. We are spending billions and billions of dollars in taxpayer money as we bomb other countries only to rebuild their infrastructures.

It's time for the United States to save itself from drowning, because we can't prevent others from drowning if we are not strong enough to save ourselves first.

Update: Armed Forces Show Overwhelming Support for Obama