06/22/2012 08:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Joaquin Luna Family Responds to President Obama's DREAM Act Relief

(Photo)Courtesy of KGBT Action 4 News - Joaquin Luna

Approximately one year after the failed DREAM Act vote in December 2010, the Latino / Mexican community was dealt a heavy blow when we learned of the tragic news regarding the passing of Joaquin Luna -- an undocumented teen DREAM Act student who took his own life. He felt he had no hope and nowhere to turn to. We wrote about the tragic story of Joaquin Luna here and here.

As a result of that, the Tequila Party Movement (counter movement to the Tea Party Movement) made a commitment to the Joaquin Luna family we would do everything in our power to not let his memory go in vain. On November 29, 2011, the National Tequila Party Movement asked for United States Senators to pass the DREAM Act before they went on their holiday or Christmas vacation breaks. We were happy to hear news that Senator Dick Durbin took a leadership role with regard to the DREAM Act in memory of Joaquin Luna, the Texas undocumented teenager who felt he had no other option with the current broken immigration system. We also wrote Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner a letter to no avail and he did not answer our inquiries when we requested support for an emergency DREAM Act in an effort to quash future teen DREAMer suicides.

Today I spoke with Ana Mendoza who is a relative of the Joaquin Luna family and she wanted to share the below sentiment with the public:

The Joaquin Luna family is so happy that steps to the DREAM Act relief have passed. Santa Lerma Mendoza, (mother of Joaquin Luna) is excited to hear the news for other DREAMers.

Love, the Luna/Mendoza family

Joaquin Luna left his family with a note, that was forwarded to all federal lawmakers last year before they took their break for Christmas or Holiday. Mexicans/Latinos/Chicanos urged them to look at Joaquin's suicide note in order to pass an emergency DREAM Act to no avail even though Senator Durbin tried to get something done before he went on his break.

(Above photo) Joaquin Luna Suicide Note


The note which was written the day after Thanksgiving said:

Jesus Christ 11-25-11

Dear Lord forgive me for what I am about to do tonight. I know it has to be done because I have no point of existence in this cruel world. There are many problems going among teenagers these days and I am fearful to fall in any temptation. Jesus, I realize I have no chance of becoming a civil engineer the way I always dreamed of here. So I am planning in going to you and helping you construct the new Temple in Heaven.


It turns out Joaquin Luna may have been in Heaven with prayers that helped motivate President Obama to do the right thing.

We are told Texas Republican officials like Rep. Lamar Smith are against the compassionate stance towards children Obama has taken, however, there will be generational Latino voting consequences for decades to come if they reverse what is right. It is right to have compassionate views towards children. Should there ever be a law against goodness toward fellow mankind?

I only wish that Joaquin Luna would have waited 7 more months -- but he felt he had no hope. Indeed it is better for children to have hope than to have no hope at all.

It is with great sorrow that Joaquin Luna could not be here with us today to share the joyful news.

Rest in peace, Joaquin.

Descansa en paz.

Yo soy tambien, Joaquin Luna.

(Above) Cartoon created by a DREAM Act activist

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