11/13/2011 11:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Changing Tide on Immigration with Help from the Utah Compact

I am an immigration advocate.

I left the Republican Party because I felt betrayed with their continued inaction on legal immigration reform and was tired of the attacks from the far right in which Conservative websites falsely accused me of being for open borders. I have also been called a "RINO" or "Republican in Name Only" due to my strong pro immigrant views. For the record: I do think it is important to document and know who is coming in and out of our country. I'm a veteran and know and understand the importance of our national security.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Community and Conservatives were instrumental in overthrowing one of their own. In fact, approximately half of the Arizona State legislature consists of members of the LDS church. Mormon members like Daryl Williams are a big reason why Russell Pearce, (one of their own) was ousted from one of the most powerful Senate seat positions in the State of Arizona. It took bold courage from the likes of Mr. Williams to give a trial-like presentation that won over several hearts and minds of Mormon leaders due to the FIRESIDE ON IMMIGRATION discussions we held that eventually sparked a fire towards human compassion in our State of Arizona that implemented the first harsh anti-immigrant law in the country..

Members of the LDS community endorsed The Utah Compact, a set of principles supporting a healthy discussion on immigration. The Utah Compact received broad support from Catholic Church and the business community, however, we have not seen strong leadership from "white evangelical" leaders, yet, and am afraid the likes of Pat Buchanan could a reason for the lack of progress to this nature. We used the Utah Compact as a tool in Arizona to remind the Mormons of Mesa what the Church stance was on immigration, and this was a strong reason on how and why Mormons kicked out one of their own and promoted a more compassionate politician via Jerry Lewis. The 7th operating Temple is located in Russell Pearce's district where for many years, the Mesa Arizona Temple was known as the "Lamanite Temple." It was also the destination of annual temple excursions for Hispanic and Native American members of the Church, especially the Mexican Saints.

We attribute the Special Elections and win of Jerry Lewis after the recall of Russell Pearce to broad bipartisan support (with no help from the Tea Party Republicans). Solving the broken immigration system must have the support from both the Democrats as well as the Republicans.

The Tequila Party is a non-partisan effort that promotes pro immigrant friendly politicians, a strong Latino get out the vote effort, and serves as a Latina counter movement to the Tea Party. The National Tequila Party will now take the reigns of the National COMPACT WITH AMERICA Program since this will have to be the work of a broad coalition from diverse backgrounds that includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians. The DREAM Act vote of December 2010 is indicative and is proof that not just one party can pull off legal immigration reform because we need party leaders from both sides to step up to the plate. The National Tequila Party (which is non-partisan) must pick up the reigns to bring all political backgrounds into the fold in working to solve the broken immigration system while providing political covering for all politicians who are willing to help solve issue.

With the full help and commitment of Daryl Williams (key ally to the National Tequila Party Movement), we will continue to change the tide on immigration since the downfall of Russell Pearce when Jerry Lewis won the Special Elections. A moderate Republican beat an extremist Republican here in the State of Arizona and I am being blamed for playing the "Mormon Card." Nothing could be further from the truth because it was Utah and Mormon leadership that has pioneered our nation in the right direction and all I did was help to inform the Mormons and Conservatives in Mesa, Arizona.

Below is a video of Daryl Williams who is fully committed to us change the immigration tide in the lessons we learned in Arizona with regard the Recall Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis elections. We will use Arizona as a model for what the Tequila Party will do with the course of our nation. Immigrants make America great. The arc of justice will continue to bend on the side of the weak, the poor and the defenseless.