11/14/2014 03:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Russell Brand Impersonates Noam Chomsky at Summer Camp

Adam Berry via Getty Images

British comedian and actor Russell Brand sat down with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! for an extended interview about his new book.

In the course of the discussion, Brand asks her if it was true her dad went to summer camp with renowned scholar Noam Chomsky. Then, he delivered this impersonation of Chomsky:

With a grim face, Brand said this:

I bet Chomsky was boring on summer camp: "OK, I'm not doing that. That's childish. No, come on, sit down. This summer camp is corrupt. I refuse to abide by this system, while it's quite clear that this summer camp is run by the interests of the leaders there, and we, the children, are not given any time to be free." What about spring break with Chomsky? Spring break!

Then Brand proceeded to flash the camera.


Well, he eventually calls Chomsky "a cannibal." Click here to watch the full 40-minute interview and read the transcript.