10/09/2013 10:07 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Working Moms: Work Wives

Anything is possible.

We have always believed that.

It is our motto.

We have always operated as if there is no other way.

We have never taken no for an answer.

When we became mothers, we wanted to make sure we stayed true to our motto.


While working at my first job as a journalist at a news magazine television show, I was told we might not "get the story." To me, that wasn't possible. So, I had to find a way to make it possible.

So, I spent years chasing stories, booking guests, scoring interviews -- all with people I was told I wouldn't get. I wasn't Barbara Walters. At that time, I wasn't working at a network. But to me, it didn't matter. I was going to make it happen. And I did, all the way to my next job, at ABC News.

I remember when I first started working for David Blaine, I thought things he wanted to do weren't possible. I quickly realized if I was going to work for a magician, I better find a way to make everything possible.

It was there that I really truly came to believe that anything is possible. And I knew I had to find a way to do what I know and love, but to make it my own.

I also believe that being a mom doesn't preclude you from living your dreams. I met Melissa Gerstein, and together, we are living our dreams.


"Anything is possible" led me to New York City. A girl from Missouri with big dreams of the big apple. I hustled my way into an internship at MTV, spent years working my way up at the networks with positions at CNN and MSNBC to finally landing at CNBC producing and booking The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. I found myself surrounded by entrepreneurs everyday. People from across the country who had their "big idea" to share on national television. I was inspired and turned on by their stories, passion and perseverance. It felt familiar and contagious. I had to have my own business. I needed a partner in crime. I met Denise Albert.

And work wives was born.

It takes hard work. It takes determination. And for us, it takes a partner who works equally as hard. It takes a partner with the same amount of determination and it takes a partner who doesn't question what you are doing. It takes a partner who you respect and trust. It takes a partner who is your work wife.

For us, it started small and it took time and required change. We began as a column in a newspaper. We called ourselves "Moms And The City," and we wrote a piece about parenting. In just months, we landed our first TV show. But we wanted to be a business. We weren't just interested in being faces on television. With no business plan, we had the ability and ignorance to just go for anything, because anything is possible.

And now, less than three years later we have turned our "little column" into The MOMS, a national event business through our Mamarazzi events. We just produced and hosted our third fashion show for all women that we co-created at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center and we are about to launch our own fashion line, Musen Albert.

And this is all because of the partnership we created. The friendship, the love and the equality.

People always ask us, "How does it work?" People don't believe. But we do. And we know. And for women and moms with an idea, all it takes is the right partner. For us, that is everything. For us, there is nothing we can't tackle. That is how The MOMS was born. That is how Mamarazzi was born. That is how Strut was born. And now, we are about to give birth to Musen Albert.

We hope Musen Albert, our "Affordable, Transformable & Fashionable" line was created for women everywhere with the idea in mind that anything is possible. And it's a message, as moms, we are proud to pass on to our kids.