04/14/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Want to Be A Momshell? Hot Valentine's Day Mama?

Be my Valentine? Nah. This year, we want to be your Momshell. Your MILF. We want to head out on date night wearing Skinny Mom Jeans. I swear, the hot-mama obsession has reached peak level. A few weeks back there was the Octomom, rearing her lovely rear on the cover of People; and then there's 'older' mom Valerie Bertinelli whose weight loss journey has twice hit the top of book lists. One Hot Mama I truly respect, of course, is Michelle Obama.

It's gonna get hotter out there, ladies. Janice Min has reportedly signed a deal to write a book called How to Be a Momshell, based on all the juicy advice she's gotten from her insider sources--from hair stylists to personal trainers. Tori Spelling is also expected to be doing a follow up to her first momster of a book, this one on how Hollywood won't cut her a break on anything, even her weight. And Alison Sweeney, host of the Biggest Loser, is coming out with The Mommy Diet, a book for all of those fitness/diet obsessed women who have watched her transform on camera from pregnant hostest with the most-est to Rockin the Ranch Hot Momma over the past several seasons.

My question? Where's the book about real soccer moms and women who don't want to be perfect. Are we ever going to lower the bar? I think so. These Tinseltown versions will surely spawn a backlash of Why Be Perfect When You Can Be You (Only A Little Hotter) books. If not, I'm happy to read the tales of woe and winning at weight loss from the West Coast. Nobody really wants to do all those exercises anyway, right?