02/06/2009 01:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011



President Obama's Recovery Bill will:
Create or save three million jobs within the next two years
Provide funding to repair our crumbling infrastructure
Prevent thousands of teachers from losing their jobs
Double funding for the Department of Education
Create 500,000 green jobs
Double our clean energy production
Help unemployed Americans get affordable health care insurance

In their haste to undermine President Obama's recovery bill, the GOP has focused on what amounts to one-percent of the bill--and misled the public, as they misled the public about WMDs. We, Americans, must be vigilant and not allow the architects our current troubles to take advantage of us once again.

The Bush-Cheney administration was a combination of the worst presidential administrations in history--James Buchanan's and Herbert Hoover's. Bush 43 has led us to the extraordinarily dire circumstances in which we find ourselves--two wars and an economy in ruins. Now, after having served as handmaidens and midwives to George W. Bush's inept foreign and domestic policies, after allowing Bush 43 to squander billions of dollars (for which we have nothing to show in return) on an immoral and un-necessary war outsourced to questionable sub-contractors--congressional Republicans are trying to obstruct President Obama's efforts to get the economy rolling. The now newly-thrifty GOP had no hesitation about appropriating billions of dollars while lowering taxes to pay for Bush Junior's war--even when half the country was vehemently against the war. The very same Republicans who today claim to be worried about the deficit, had no problem passing legislation that helped the wealthiest Americans to double their incomes at the expense of middle class and lower-income Americans--and now have the gall to be outraged that President Obama wants to pass legislation that will help all Americans.

In spite of President Obama's outreach to the GOP, in spite of meeting with them at the White House, in spite of meeting with them on Capitol Hill--congressional Republicans have decided to be obstructionists. Indeed, even before they voted in the House, the GOP House leadership advised their members to vote against the legislation, and then crowed that this was a victory. Clearly they are putting partisan politics above the well-being of the nation. We shouldn't be surprise by this.
The GOP's only hope of regaining power, after their dismal performance over the past eight years, is to see the new administration fail; and rather than attack our popular new President, congressional Republican have decided upon a seemly more subtle approach--to do all they can to impede President Obama's recovery bill. If that means the American people will suffer along the way--the last eight years certainly have taught us that the GOP does not mind if Americans suffer as long as Republicans hold onto power. For evidence of this--look around--behold the more than 4,000 Americans killed and the thousands more maimed and crippled in Iraq and their families, look at the growing numbers of Americans who are losing their homes and jobs, look at small business that have closed because they cannot get credit, look at the millions of Americans who have no health care, look at our crumbling infrastructure, look at public education, look at the qualified students--our nation's future--who cannot afford college. This didn't happen by accident or natural disaster--this happened by design, by the gang of bullies who occupied the White House between January 20, 2001 and January 20, 2009 and their enablers in Congress. We voted the Bush out of office--and power. Now we must be vigilant and not allow them to succeed in blocking President Obama from taking the first steps on the long road to economic recovery.

The recovery bill (or stimulus bill, if you prefer) is not a panacea. We are in turbulent, unchartered waters and no one, not even the most brilliant economist, has a sure route to lead to shore. Recovering from the irresponsible policies of the Bush 43 administration will not happen overnight and yes the boat will rock, we will make mistakes along the way. Lincoln had to fire several generals before he found Grant and FDR tried a bevy or programs by trial-and-error to get Americans working again. There is no guaranteed course to follow, but we have to get moving--the Congress must pass President Obama's recovery bill. If the GOP keeps holding us back, we could be engulfed by the waves and sink