02/10/2012 03:09 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

Monsanto, Planned Parenthood and Ellen

I have several paying gigs and deadlines that I should be working on but with all the shit storms of last week, I can't focus on "sharing" my favorite chocolate dessert. Like that's what America needs today. Recycle your food magazines from last February; those articles and recipes will still play today. Add a raspberry.

I have writer's block for writing fluff or funny at the moment because I'm angry.

I'm angry that so many Americans appear so fucking stupid, naïve or uninformed.

Now, that line is going to get letters. To those right-wing zealots, anti-abortionists, or gay-haters hiding behind religion, I'm gonna take your hits for my team, because I do have a team. I know I am not alone.

There are many of us out there... please say something. And not just on Facebook. Write your congressman, your president, your priest. Put your money where your mouth is.

At 60, I assumed I would get to enjoy my "Golden Years," and yet every day, the news and the politics of this country are tarnishing the limited days I have left.

When the young Occupy Wall Street protestors screamed "help me," I reminded them that I had already fought for civil rights, stopped the Vietnam War on the campuses of America, helped to impeach Richard Nixon, burned my bra so that my sisters might sit on the Supreme Court; I personally fought and slaved in male-only kitchens where I was often the first woman, screamed for the Equal Rights Amendment, and was one of the original subscribers to Ms. Magazine. Gloria Steinem was right: better to bake your own pie than to wait in line for a piece, a taste, or crumb from a generous man.

Legal abortions? You bet, and I believe it is still my right to choose what happens in my uterus. I feed it, and I own it. My God is fine with my decisions.

To think after living through Vietnam and its aftermath, and seeing what Monsanto's Agent Orange did to the veterans of that war: My generation, my friends, my lovers, that now I'm supposed to trust Monsanto and allow them to tell me that they are above GMO testing? Trust them? With their history? Please pass the saccharin. I call what Monsanto is doing rape. Rape is about power, not having a choice and claiming that I'm asking for it. Monsanto is so entwined in our government with lobbyists, politicians and power that it's a fucking orgy. Please, find out the facts and make Monsanto accountable for their actions. Read as much as you can, from people not sleeping in Monsanto's money bed but who are actually farming.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas used to be one of the legal counsels for Monsanto. Does that seem like a coincidence?

Planned Parenthood. A group that has probably touched/helped/counseled at least one out of five women in America today regarding women's health. Planned Parenthood gets paid as much money as a woman can afford. Sometimes it's free. They do not have an obscenely rich board of directors. Whether it's breast exams, birth control, or a pregnancy termination, ALL of those are women's health services. Karen Handel had to resign due to the information that the American public found out about The Susan B. Komen organization this week. The Komen agenda about "trumped up legislation" and not funding "abortions." How dare you!

People spoke with their donations to Planned Parenthood.

I was wrong, we ain't stupid.

When Ms. Handel and her party decide to "support" the children that are born instead of aborted, come back to me. Children need food, love, and education, and sometimes parents can't provide that. As a taxpayer, I'm happy to help because strong children make a strong country and poverty brings us all to our knees and make us less than human.

There are petitions to be signed, donations to send. I'll do more if you will. I may never get to retire! And yes, I am tired from being on this soap box.

I'll close with this: Ellen -- I have worked on your show. I have admired you from afar. I know that you do as much as you can for the world to make it a better place. I got some money; I'm shopping at JCPenney tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that.

Those One Million Moms don't seem to understand the word "love".

Bless you Ellen, and the life and job you work so hard at.

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