06/28/2013 10:16 am ET Updated Aug 28, 2013

Don't Ask For What You Are Not Willing to Work For

With my family on a recent health kick, I had been more annoyed then amused. My mom had ditched her frequent trips to the grocery store that had been to load up on snacks and soda, and was replacing the usual items in the grocery bags with vegetables and everything labeled "organic." My parents were frequenting the gym daily and my mom had even took up a search for a personal trainer with the mission of really taking her fitness to the next level.

Prom was quickly approaching and dress shopping had been unsuccessful. I had been trying on dresses at every store with a gown section and yet to find anything I liked. One Friday night, I had ended up at a personal training facility called "Transformed By Kelvin." I quietly toured the facility as my mom went through the motions of the consultation she had booked. I was sitting on the couch minding my business until Kelvin -- or "Coach" as he is known around the gym -- inquired about my weight. I quickly stuttered out my weight and after some coaxing from my mother hesitantly got up to get find out my BMI (Body Mass Index). I was astonished as I heard the number and knew that I had to get myself back in shape. With prom as a deadline, I vowed to get myself together and embark on this health journey with my parents. I spoke to "Coach" for over an hour about my health habits, goal and work ethic.

My first day training was one of the hardest days of my life. I had been mentally preparing myself all day but there was no quote or saying for what I was about to endure. Halfway through I told myself I had endured enough and formed my lips to tell my coach "I quit." I was going through the motions of the drill with the mindset that once I finished this drill I would quit and this negative experience would all be behind me. As I struggled through eagerly awaiting the finish line, Kelvin screamed 10 words that would change my life forever: "Don't ask what you're not willing to work for." That set off a trigger in me and encouraged a spark in me to keep going.

It wasn't easy, but a couple late-night boot camps, mid-day ab classes, and plain old regular workouts, I had seen a whole new me physically and mentally. My last session before prom is when everything hit me. Although I had lost weight a lot more had gotten "transformed" then just my body. Now, whenever I am nervous or scared, I repeat to myself: "Don't ask what you're not willing to work for." So whether it's good grades, a spot on the team, or becoming a better person, "Don't ask what you're not willing to work for."