08/07/2014 11:27 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

Are You the Artist...or the Masterpiece?

"To be properly expressed a thing must proceed from within, moved
by its form: it must come, not in from without but out from within."
~ Meister Eckhart

Have you ever thought of yourself as a piece of living art? If this question seems abstract, consider the difference between a street performer with makeup and wardrobe who impeccably impersonates a statue standing perfectly still and an actual ancient marble statue such as you might see at the Louvre in Paris. Your perspective of both will determine your answer to the question I posed above. Just for a moment go with it; in your mind's eye can you discern what they both might have in common and, paradoxically, at the same time, can you see how uniquely different they are? Lastly, ask yourself, how might they both depict some aspect of you.

The marble statue is a beautiful sculpture -- a masterpiece -- that may date back well over a thousand years and it never moves. On the other hand, the street performer -- another masterpiece -- also never moves. One masterpiece is art "imitating life" and the other is life "imitating art." However, both also have something uniquely wonderful to teach us about ourselves. Both "masterpieces" required an artist to give form to the vision. In other words, on a deeper level, they both are masterpieces which reflect an outer image of an inner idea -- a desire for self-expression.

The essence and vision of the artist lives within the form of his (or her) creation; the masterpiece. I was equally inspired by both because they caused me to relate with my own desire for creative self-expression and to be mindful that the essence of who I am lives on long after I leave the planet in all that I do and say. In other words, I am the artist and my life is an unfolding masterpiece. And, the same is true about you. I believe we were each placed here to be masters --to inspire one another to create and fully live lives of beauty, peace, purpose, and meaning. With this in mind, have you ever considered yourself to be a piece of living art? The irony, again, is that you are the artist and the unfoldment of your life is your creation.

Ah! The divine dichotomy again invites us to come
closer and gaze between the cracks of what "appears" to
be two very different and separate things and see only oneness.

Now, the metaphysical equation and question: Where does the essence of the artist (the creator) end and the form called the creation begin? This question gives new meaning to the age old adage, "As within, so without." The energetic imprint of the artist is imbued in the creation. You don't have to be a sculptor or a street performer to know that when you pay attention to the inherent desire to express yourself in creative and unique ways, the sacred essence of who you authentically are finds its way to the surface of life and becomes an inspiration for those all around you.

To "express" means to push formless essence (energy) from within-out and into form (substance). This fact beckons the question, what vision for your life do you hold inwardly today that is just itching to express outwardly tomorrow? What gift do you bear whose time has come? This is yet another important question to ponder because the world awaits your contribution--it needs more works of authenticity and beauty that inspire, uplift, and heal humankind rather than depress it and run it down; and who better to give birth to that creation than you? Know that you would not have been given the vision and gift without the ability to give it form. After all, you really are an artist and your life really is a masterpiece...and that really is a beautiful thing. Do you believe it? If you find yourself shaking your head "yes" that is simply the artist within preparing the gallery for the grand opening. Are you ready?

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