11/14/2014 09:15 pm ET Updated Jan 14, 2015

The Not So Feng Shui of Guns in California

California is a bizarre landscape when it comes to guns. With the approval of Proposition 47's broad swath of reducing penalties for crimes, it's now a mere misdemeanor to possess a stolen gun. On the other side of the coin, Attorney General Kamala Harris' last-minute attempt in the Peruta vs. San Diego case was rebuffed by the 9th Circuit Court taking the state one step closer to being a shall-issue concealed carry permit state. Both of these developments are happening oblivious to the desires of State Senator Kevin DeLeon and company in the California Legislature.

There's cosmic poetry in this. It's clearly a sign that the long-held assumptions are ending. This is definitely what one would call "a glitch in the Matrix." What will happen now that the most a police officer can do is write you a ticket for having a pistol and send you on your merry way? What a weird parallel to the "all marijuana is medicinal" ticket.

One thing we can probably count on will be that more criminals will be armed with a "stolen" gun soon. These "stolen" guns will be unregistered. These "stolen" guns will include models that are not on the California Department of Justice's Roster of Firearms approved for sale in the State of California. These "stolen" guns will have high capacity magazines in them. Per Prop 47, as long as the possessor is not a convicted felon, adjudicated mentally ill or otherwise statutorily ineligible, misdemeanor. Write a ticket and mail the person a notice to appear. It's like catch and release fishing with a barbless hook.

On the other side you've still got official reluctance to issue people that don't have "stolen" guns concealed carry permits even though numerous court decisions by the U.S. Circuit Court system are counseling society otherwise. This seem to me curious particularly given that the most reluctant parts of California are the urban areas where there will be lots of misdemeanor "stolen" guns and "non-violent" criminal AB 109 released owners of them roving around. Well isn't that special? City hall is always the last to see the writing on the wall.

Perhaps the time has come for California officialdom to consider evening the odds a bit. At this point there seems to be a very strong case to begin counterweighing the "stolen" gun numbers by enabling the people that actually own their guns to legally and properly be trained through state sanctioned CCW licensing programs to use and carry their guns so they don't become the victims of all these "stolen" guns.

Does your head hurt? Mine does. Living in La La Land does that sometimes.