03/07/2013 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Drug War Is Over, and We Lost

The next time you see a kid in a "just say no to drugs" t-shirt, I want you to substitute, in your minds eye, the confederate flag because both are emblematic of the loosing side in a war. Just as the south was on the wrong side of the moral equation in the civil war, so are defenders of our decades long failed war on drugs.

Consider: the reason the benefits of medical marijuana are not more widely known is that the federal government thinks it would send the wrong message to children. This, according to Caltech Physicists' John Schwarz, who, during a speech given at the medical marijuana conference last week said" If all science were run like marijuana research, creationists would control paleontology."

What could possibly be the federal government's objection to letting the public know that about the health benefits of medical marijuana?

Let's break it down in the following video: