06/19/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

American Open

With the economy in recession, the auto companies getting bailed out and newspapers folding, it's not a surprise to learn that people are cutting back on everything, including charitable giving.

The nonprofit community is not at all immune to the fluctuations on Wall Street, either. As corporations take a hit, non profits see cuts in funding (also from foundations who themselves are seeing cuts in funding).

What we know: Americans still want to give, but they are giving less, and they are being savvier about their donations. They want to see how their money is used, and know the real impact of their donations.

Most people are surprised to learn that more than 10% of all our active projects are based in the US. Like many of our projects around the world, these tend to be smaller, grassroots organizations with limited access to institutional support. These are the types of organizations that are suffering the most.

And these are the types of organizations GlobalGiving can help the most.

As a result, we are proud to announce the American Open. We are looking for fantastic nonprofits doing work in the US who may be struggling right now or simply looking to broaden their ability to fundraise. Participating in the American Open makes nonprofits in the US eligible to leverage our network of donors, our technology and partner relationships.

We're developing our marketplace to be the most innovative and the most diverse. But we also want it to be the most relevant to our donors and to the needs of the people it serves - both around the world and at home in America.

For more information about the Open, the rules, eligibility or to nominate an organization, go to