04/03/2014 04:22 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

The Food Hall Revolution

Forget what you know about the food court; there's a new definition on the rise. What once conjured images of chain restaurants and fast food is being reinvented as the latest trend in culinary culture: the food hall, a haven for artisanal and specialty purveyors, buzzy food stalls and upscale restaurants.

"I think there's a real appetite for more low-impact, more casual, yet good-quality meal options," says culinary expert Anthony Bourdain, who is planning to open his own global food hall in New York. "That goes along with a shift in dining habits in general. On one hand, we demand more variety, better quality, more options. On the other, we seem fatigued with the conventions and time investment of a multi-course, full-service meal."

From single-concept hubs to a melange of cult classics, each of our favorite newcomers offers a singular take on the trend. -- Sasha Levine

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The Food Hall Revolution