07/16/2014 01:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for a Contemporary Living Room

The interior work of Terrat Elms Interior Design creates this contemporary living room that feels fresh and comfortable. The bright modern art in the space gives a subtle gesture to the chaos of city living, yet the rich color is perfectly balanced with the neutral tonality of the furnishing selections and finish details. For the look, informed by Dering Hall product brands, we matched the busy Street Scene art piece with a mid-century inspired Warren Walnut Lounge Chair, T-Shirt Sofa and a neutral wall covering by the luxury UK brand Evitavonni. This look is well-balanced and perfectly styled for an apartment in the city.



1. Wrap 7 Dia - Michael Dawkins Home / 2. Street Scene - Cavalier by Jay Jeffers / 3. Warren Walnut Lounge Chair - Modern Living Supplies / 4. JBS Marais Chandelier - Jonathan Browning / 5. Alice Bookcase - Brett Design / 6. T-Shirt Sofa by Clodagh - Dennis Miller Associates / 7. Shimmer - Evitavonni / 8. Handcrafted Wallpaper (Horizon) - Alpha Workshops / 9. Peripheral Round Coffee Table - CF Modern / 10. Samarkand Rug by Nasiri Carpets - No longer listed on Dering Hall, View Similar Rugs by Nasiri Carpets

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