09/25/2014 11:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

6 Elegant Spaces With Balanced Symmetry

Curious about how to best achieve "balance" in an interior space? The simplest and most straightforward approach is through symmetrical design. Adding an identical counterpart, in effect, equalizes an object on one side of a space with the other side. Whether the objects net out in color, size, shape or placement, they have the ability to visually evoke a sense of stability and familiarity. The symmetrical approach works well in the large, traditional space below designed by SLC Interiors. Symmetry is also articulated nicely in Intarya's bedroom project feature, where the bed side table, lamp and mirror replicated on either side of the bed anchor the room and make a visual impact upon entry. Browse how 10 other interior designers and architects strike the perfect balance...

SFA Design

Studio Tim Campbell

John Barman Inc.

Ken Gemes Interiors

Beth Webb Interiors

Geoffrey De Sousa Interior Design

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