Get The Look: Elegant Bedroom with Muted Purple Palette

06/16/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One thing is clear in bedroom design, the design must meet a functional need and provide a comfortable place of rest. From there, the richness and creativity sets in. In this bedroom, by Jeff Andrews - Design, he chose a muted purple color palette laced together in a creative and elegant manner. The space is soft and feminine, setting the tone for a soothing nightime retreat for a lady. The striation in the wallpaper, the golden accents and the layering of patterns add an element of richness to the space bringing the bedroom full circle.

Jeff Andrews - Design


1. Alicia Adams cable Craze Alpaca Throws - Cavalier by Jay Jeffers / 2. Pillows (left to right): Crawford Cushion, Fontaine Brushed Cushion, Greta Cushion - Evitavonni / 3. Salon Bureau- Maxine Snider Inc. / 4. Slipper Chair - Tamara Magel / 5. Rabanna from Neutral Colour Family (L-106) - Fermoie Fabrics / 6. 'Memento' Wallpaper - ARTE via Luxe / 7. Robert Kuo Starfruit Crystal Table Lamp (RKL-35) - McGuire Furniture / 8. Whirl Mirror - AURA / 9. The Hicks Table - McGill Design Group / 10. Brick Rug - Stephanie Odegard Collection / 11. Artigny Bed - Jiun Ho