01/04/2013 11:23 am ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Dallas Cowboys: Will Jerry Jones Continue to Accept Mediocrity?

The NFL playoffs are days away. Once again the Dallas Cowboys will not be in the big dance. In winner-take-all-match up at Fedex Field this past Sunday night the lowly Cowboys succumbed to the youth of the Washington Redskins led by Robert Griffin III in being handed a 28-18 loss.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently stated, "I can assure fans that it's going to be very uncomfortable for the next couple of weeks at Valley Ranch."

Jones continued, "Change is necessary at 8-8. A change will happen."

The loss sent the Cowboys back home with an 8-8 record with the same questions lingering over the franchise that have lingered the last five seasons.

When will the Cowboys -- regarded every year as the most talented team in the NFL -- finally get it together and make a run deep into the playoffs?

Oh, I'm sorry; to make a deep run into the playoffs you first must get in the dance and win. That's something the Cowboys have only done once since 1996. The last Cowboy playoff win came in 2009 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Facts indicate the once proud franchise known as Americas' Team is simply a mediocre team at best.

The other pressing question is what should the Cowboys do with head coach Jason Garrett?

Is he the right coach to lead the team to the Super Bowl?

Based on his brief tenure as the Cowboys leader Garrett has shown he's just a reflection of what the team has been over the past fifteen years and that's mediocre.

Then there's the much maligned quarterback Tony Romo -- whose inconsistent play clearly epitomizes the Cowboys woes -- is being hailed as a guy that simply can't win the big game by some critics.

The Redskins debacle that saw Romo complete 20-37 passes for 218 yards, with two touchdowns and three costly interceptions highlights his level of inconsistency. Romo is now 1-6 in win-or-go-home games in his career.

How can the latter be considered clutch?

There's no question Romo has talent as a quarterback but the time has long come to pay the piper and produce results. The time has come for a segment of the media and the Cowboys organization to stop giving Romo a pass. His inability to step up in critical games has played a major role in the Cowboys inability to get over the hump.

Romo can be characterized as the ultimate tease. He will flirt with Cowboys fans by providing glimpses of his undeniable talent during the course of the regular season. But when the chips are down and the lights shine the brightest Romo has demonstrated, up to this point, he's not the guy that will lead you to the promised-land.

Romo passed for 4,903 yards with 28 touchdowns and 90.5 passer rating for the season with several stellar performances during the season. But true to form he's also capable of playing awful football like he did against the Redskins when his talent is needed the most.

Should Romo be traded?

It seems to be a plausible move. Other than the rare flashes of brilliance during the regular season Romo has not provided any evidence he can deliver in the clutch.

But if Romo is sent packing what quarterback is out there that can give them a better chance of winning?

Should Garrett be sent packing in favor of a more seasoned coach?

Again, that's a plausible move. Unlike Romo there are a hand-full of coaches who can come in do what Garrett has done up to this point.

How about Lovie Smith or Jon Gruden?

Some coaches are better suited as being coordinators while some are better at being head coaches. In my opinion Garrett fits the former rather than the latter.

Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain. Something needs to happen in the off season to shake up the franchise. Otherwise the Cowboys will continue to be what they have been for the past fifteen years.

That's mediocre at best.

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