02/18/2015 05:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

8 Tips to Survive the Winter Blues

The winter blues are a real thing. Whether you recognize it or not the weather can have enormous impact on your mood. This winter laziness also known as, "seasonal affective disorder", or SAD, inflicts a behavioral moodiness to its prey. Once in the winter 'SAD' funk it can be hard to break free of its chains. However, it is not impossible to remain smiling through the cold days surrounding us. With a handful of below freezing days under our belts and undoubtedly more cold days to come surviving the winter blues are no easy feat.

To overcome the winter blues:

1. Wake up and get your day started.

Oversleeping can result in making you more tired. Resist the snooze button and get your day started early. In order to wake up and get moving, plug your alarm in across the room from your bed so you physically have to walk over to your alarm to turn it off as this will help resist the snoozing urge.


2. Get outside and breathe the fresh air.

Despite the cold weather it is important to get outside and breathe the fresh air. Forcing oneself to get outside even if its just for a short amount of time can make one feel refreshed, refrigerated, and refueled. I mean invigorated, not refrigerated!


3. Work out routinely.

Working out sends happy messages to your brain!

Exercising does in fact send endorphins to your brain and endorphins make you happy so it is generally the same idea as happy messages. Getting your blood pumping will keep you healthy mentally and physically. In order to stay on a workout schedule, plan when you are going to work out and get a buddy to work out with you. Having a workout buddy will make you more accountable to staying on a routine since encouragement is helpful when going to the gym does not sound appetizing.


4. Wear bright colors.

Do not let the weather dictate your wardrobe! Wearing bright colors can help make you feel bright and cheerful even when its gloomy outside.


5. Invest in a happy light.

A happy light is like a little piece of the sun that can be plugged in to the wall of your dorm room. A happy light can make you feel more awake during the day when natural light is sparse.


6. Take a vitamin D Supplement.

During the spring and summer months our bodies get vitamin D naturally from sunlight. Evidently this poses an issue during winter months, therefore consider taking a vitamin D supplement to replace this deficiency.

7. Eat less sugar.

Eating less sugar will give you more energy. I do not promote cutting out all sugar from your diet.
However, cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume will make you feel better and have higher energy levels. Simultaneously, eating well strengthens your immune system and this will make you less susceptible to getting sick.

8. Remember spring will come eventually.

Remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; the cold days will give way to warmer and warmer ones and this important to keep in mind. The grey skies will dissipate and the sun will be back to greet us very soon.


Having endured the winter months filled with chilling temperatures will make us appreciate the spring and summer sun more than ever!