11/12/2012 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Women Spoke Volumes on Election Day


Was in NYC this past Thursday night and just couldn't sleep. Two-thirty a.m. went down to the hotel fitness center and, just what I needed, set myself up in front of this life-size, back-lit, black-and-white of Billie Jean King in her fierce prime at Wimbledon.

Both sneakers off the grass, in perfectly balanced flight, the eyes and body focused as if a cheetah on the final pounce.

And all this got me to thinking how proud I was of the American public on election night.

This BJK match no doubt took place early '70s, right about the time Roe v Wade changed women's lives in this country... forever.

On election night, we learned that the Millennial generation, those under 30, voted in record numbers.

We heard a classy Governor Romney give a brief and elegant concession speech. He indeed fought hard, He indeed, as President Obama said in his acceptance speech, showed throughout his campaign how deeply he cares about his nation, our nation. (Now if only Congress will indeed follow his words from that night and support the president over the next four years, instead of resisting his every move.)

And on election night we learned that the American people simply will not abide by preposterously misogynist attitudes such as the outrageous Todd Akin and his notion that women can somehow will a pregnancy not to occur in the case of rape.... such as Richard Mourdock's repugnant statement that pregnancies that result from rape are God's will.

Women spoke volumes on Election Day. Men who stand up for human rights, including women's rights, used their voices through their votes.

President Obama, nor any one individual, nor any one cabinet, cannot work miracles and resolve devastating economic woes in four short years. (Especially when campaigning takes 18 months of the term away from the work at hand. When are we going to move to a six-year presidential term?)

Let all of us get behind the president and follow the JFK lead (what can we do for our country?), and let's be proud and secure that 'We The People' have spoken in terms of women's rights to the decisions around our own bodies.