11/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

America's Irrational Health Care Status Quo

If you were the Founding Father of a new nation, the American health care system would be instructive as the worst example around.
America's really dumb system illustrates what NOT to do and looks like this on paper:

  1. Have government insure the highest risk population -- seniors, veterans, indigents.
  2. Leave the "gravy" (or healthy, younger) to profit-making private sector insurance companies.
  3. Forbid large entities, such as Medicaid or Medicare, from getting volume discounts for drugs even though foreign governments have negotiated discounts from American pharma companies for years.
  4. Allow doctors to completely control the system, allow them to featherbed as well as to own hospitals, clinics and other services so that they can then send their patients to these entities in order to leverage their financial take.
  5. Let doctors be self-governing labor monopolies and set their own ever-escalating fees.
  6. Let the labor monopoly over-service and under-service, based on their profit motive at the time.
  7. Let the medical establishment game the system by permitting bribes to Congress and Senate to conspire by enhancing their profits through the use of lobbying, campaign contributions and gold-plated medical care for cronies, family, friends and assorted others.
  8. Lastly, completely ignore any of the innovations and benefits that all the other developed nations in the world have devised and that allows those systems to deliver better and cheaper medical care to all their residents.

As an American living in Canada, it's really embarrassing that a country as smart and rich as the United States cannot get out from under the world's worst medical system. Why?