Inspirational Senior Art Show at Ursuline College

05/07/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Photo Caption: Alyx Cyr
Photo Credit: Ursuline College

If you find yourself in the Cleveland, OH, area this week, take a short drive to Pepper Pike, home of the only women's college in Ohio, Ursuline College. Here you'll experience a unique student art show, filled with form diversity that will inspire and delight you.

Every year, graduating seniors display their works of art in the college's Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery. This year's artists include Miranda Meisel, Elissa Burkhart, Alyx Cyr, Stephanie Pratt, Maureen Kelly, Ashley Reinhart, Keely Smith, and Maggie Stark.

Under the tutelage of Sr. Diane Therese Pinchot, students learn to use their art to express their deepest feelings and advocate for their convictions. Their objects of art speak to the soul, inspiring pause and reflection--a powerful approach in an often hurried society.

To understand this unique art show, one must consider the unique art department at Ursuline College. Sr. Diane is part of the department and, as advocate for social justice, encourages students to use their art to give a voice to a social issue with which they resonate. These students become advocates themselves while raising awareness in their community. Ursuline students use their art to give back to society.

The studios in the art department provide a safe space where students learn to express themselves authentically, ask questions, learn technique and skill, and then risk making art that gives voice to their own expression," says Sr. Diane.

She explains:

Artists are key players for the future; I would almost call them prophets. Artists are usually 50 years ahead of their time, coming up with creative interactive art work that takes us into the future. Many of our art students at Ursuline have gone on to graduate school and become teachers and art therapists. But, they also have become directors and community organizers, volunteered in the Peace Core and Americore, become delegates to developing countries, and become artists and designers within companies and large corporations.

Artists are the connectors, holding up the mirror for us to see ourselves. They help us change the systems when we don't like what we see and help us see the beauty in our lives when we can't see it for ourselves. Artists are motivators and inspire us to move forward and live a joyful life. Artists are advocates for the truth. In history, when you want to know what a civilization was thinking, just look at their art, especially the ceramic sculptures--it's very telling.

It's an art show you'll be talking about for a long time to come, just keep in mind that this show closes May 16, 2014. Gallery arrangement designed by Gallery Director, Anna Arnold. Additional information about the show (directions and hours) can be found on the Ursuline College Web site.

Photo Caption: Stephanie Pratt

Photo Caption: Maggie Stark

Photo Caption: Miranda Meisel

Photo Caption: Elissa Burkhart

Photo Caption: Keely Smith

Photo Caption: Maureen Kelly

Photo Caption: Ashley Reinhart

All Photographs Courtesy of Ursuline College