09/18/2012 10:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Tell a Great Story With Photographs

Here we are again, another summer, another day with our kids and perhaps another great vacation. Of course we have our cameras, but this time lets not only think of getting that perfect vacation image, let's tell the story of our trip as a "Photographic Story"!

Are you tired of having only one shot from a great location? Perhaps you could've shot more, but didn't. If we turn our images into small stories, then we may just end up with more good images, then we had hoped for.

Telling stories with photographs is not a difficult task. The only thing different is that we're taking more images with a purpose to express what we see to someone else who could not be with us; and doing so, more for social sites like FaceBook , emails, calendars and picture books.

Photographic story telling is not about dumping ALL our photos into an album, but the choice images that follow a beginning, middle, and end, with connecting images in between. How many times have we seen our friends images on a social site, and by the fifth one we've seen enough and don't bother to view the other 90 images in their album.

"Let's not bore our families and friends to death with images that all appear to look the same when we come home from our vacations!"

A simple way to start a photographic story is to pre-visualize your story with a beginning, middle, and end. Think about the establishing image, the beginning. What does the scene look like? Perhaps an overall wide angle shot, or a close up detail of what the story is about. Next think about your "Point of View" or your creative idea on how to see the story and try different angles when taking the pictures, and end it with a shot that fulfills the mood of the storyline.

Tell a story next time you point your camera at something or some place. Think about how you would want someone to show you a place you want to visit, exciting your viewers with great visual story.

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Photo story on summer welding class ---------- Photos by Alicia and Will Stein

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