10/16/2013 11:23 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Support Ian Somerhalder's Birthday Project

Activist and Vampire Diaries Star Ian Somerhalder tweeted out an important message earlier this week to his 4.2 million followers. Perhaps, the most important thing he has ever asked anyone to do. What is it? You ask. For people to support his Birthday wish.

As you might already know, Somerhalder is passionate about saving the planet and its creatures, through his foundation, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

In 2010 the world watched the devastation of the BP oil spill along the Gulf coast that produced a chain of environmental destruction to the planet and its creatures, and left many including Somerhalder feeling vulnerable and helpless. In December 8, 2010 he was inspired to help change that feeling, and ultimately the world, when he launched the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, designed to teach the importance of protecting the environment and animals, by empowering and supporting the most powerful yet disregarded, disrespected, and often overlooked population on the planet-our Youth.

Somerhalder's 35th Birthday is approaching and well... unlike other people he doesn't want gifts. He humbly asks his supporters and fans to support his Birthday wish, which is to get one million people of the seven billion on the planet to donate $35. All the donations big and small will continue to fuel the resources to continue expanding and creating change for the voiceless of this planet. Of the many reasons to support this amazing project here are just five reasons why you should support Somerhalder's Birthday Wish.

Ian Somerhalder is simply the best... ... And I mean it. Aside from his looks, charm, and character, is his enormous passion on making this world a better place, for our children and the generations to come. Somerhalder wants to build a better future for us all, with your help that is. Who doesn't admire an empowered man dedicated to making the world a better place? I know I do.

He's a Visionary
Somerhalder was honored with 'Conde Nast' Global 2013 Visionaries Award for using his fame and social media power- "to energize a new generation of conservationists."

Oh wait... He's also a Social Good Champion
Somerhalder was awarded a Golden Goody Award (aka Oscar for Social Good) by the Goody Awards at the 2013 Social Good Summit, for being a force for good, through his work as an environmental activist.

When he's not busy saving the world, he rescues animals
In early August Somerhalder, rescued a stray dog, Nietzche, after finding her in traffic near the Vampire Diaries' stages. Shortly when he adopted her, he was unaware that she was pregnant. Being the caring and supportive man that he is, he patiently awaited the mom-to-be to give birth. And on October 8th, he was right by her side, as she delivered eight precious puppies into this world.

He's an Icon... both on the cover of Icon Magazine Men's Issue 2013 and off
Somerhalder is currently on the cover of Icon Magazine's Men Issue 2013, where he talks about everything from his role as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries to his extensive work through his foundation. In the magazine Somerhalder explains, "It's not all about saving animals and saving the planet... It's really about the human condition-what is it that makes us tick and allow environmental degradation and destruction of our planet. These are things that align with me as a person, not just a foundation." He's right. It truly is about the human condition. Let's work on it, with your support, anything is truly possible.