05/20/2015 12:47 pm ET Updated May 20, 2016

Getting Ahead of the Plain Level Field in Pro Sports

Each May, the NBA and NHL playoffs and Champions League (Soccer) in Europe are going into their most decisive phase of the season. If your team has made it that far, the chances are high that you'll spend the evenings in front of your TV following the games. If your team hasn't made it, you possibly wonder what separates the best from the rest and what can be done in the future!?

Is Your Team is at Plain Level Field?

A plain level field (PLF) is accessible to all teams and most individual pro athletes in today's pro sports. Plain level field is the availability and accessibility of certain professional services and tools to reach ones highest level of performances on an international or national level.

Considering that those services are available to everybody in the Western World the question is allowed to ask "What can separate me from the others?" and "What makes me better than the rest?"

My perspective as a former competitor, physiotherapist and now mental coach uniquely qualifies me to understand the physical and non-physical (mental) aspects that go into a Championship performance.

Plain Level Field (PLF)

PLF is the environment we surround ourselves with and is what we have access to in order to perform at our best level. It also shapes our mindset as it determines our outcome. It depends on the financial resources and the inventory (access to players, coaches, equipment) within the organization the player is training and competing. The PLF normally consists of a head coach and general manager, while assistant coaches are completing the technical and tactical coaching staff. The Medical Coaching staff consists of physicians (orthopaedics, internal, dental and sometimes sport psychologists). They work in conjunction with physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and exercise physiologists and with the nutritionists. Some athletes have their own agents and management teams.

We may laugh about an entourage of 100 individuals for one professional boxer, but if each and every piece of the puzzle is important everything has to be controlled, planned and organized.

Good is not good enough anymore. Great is not enough.

This is what comes next:

The Quantum Coach supervises the plain level field and has a clear vision and understanding of the athlete's goal and how he/she best fits into the existing template and organizational structure of the club.

The Quantum Coach is "the real deal" for the athlete. He elevates the athlete's mind and helps to be productive and successful in life, on and off the field and in business. He establishes a clear agenda with the athlete and makes sure that the "daily grind energy" is as important as keeping a clear look the overall goals and legacy.

The Quantum Coach understands the importance and power of the athlete's mindset and coaches the athlete individually and based on the innate qualities the athlete can offer to the PLF. This ensures that the athlete and the whole team exceeds the PLF and can maintain the level of consistence on the highest level with longevity.

The Quantum Coach understands that his athlete's adaptability to a highly stressful environment is a pre-requisite for a champion's mentality. If prepared for all situations -- the athlete will stay in control; if overwhelmed all previous effort to get the athlete to the top for a very short time is -- for the organization a poor investment.

As a former track athlete, the Physiotherapist for several National Teams and international top athletes and now working as the High Performance Mental Coach for National Teams and at the World-Championship and Olympic level your organization has access to a an understanding of how world-class achievers 'tick' and how they can be made following the 'Quantum Template'.