02/27/2015 05:35 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2015

Q -- Next Generation Bio-Data Device

Cupertino's Apple Watch Event is around the corner - highly anticipated on March 9th, 2015. Apple enthusiasts are getting into their start blocks. The start of the Apple Watch will only be the beginning of a new area of technology devices helping us to understand our biological functioning in a new and easy way.

And I hear many of us asking "What will be next?"

Let me be Orwell's bio-screen-outlook and let's turn the clock to 2018.

How will we be using technology in three years for self bio-screening and to identify our individual peak performance levels?

I was asked recently what I anticipate in the near future. I am pretty sure that March 9th is the start into a new mind-and-body understanding.
Here is my prediction:

For now ... let's call this new device Q and it's Next Generations Bio-Data Device.

It may look like the new Apple Watch or one of the 'Activity Tracker' systems for your wrist, nicely designed and in-style for a day-to-day use.

Q for your Office

The Q is designed for your office performance and productivity. It transforms your corporate floor into a powerhouse of creativity, decreases sickness days and helps to increase employee's morale, happiness and engagement levels. Q allows each individual to function on an individual level. Some employees may show up for their 8-to-5 jobs at 4:30am at night where their productivity and creativity level is at maximum peak. They may only need 3 hours of work to get the job done and come home at 8am satisfied and fulfilled with their quality of work. The rest of the day is off to spend some hours in nature or in the gym, playing with the kids or listening to their favourite music when others without their Q are sitting on their office chairs waiting for the next break. Q allows for the highest level of creativity, shuts the nagging voice between our ears off and allows our intuition to create and solve challenges. It helps the corporate level to function much faster and with more resilience against the typical stressors. Q creates a winning culture for your organization, connects and puts your people first.

Q for your Home & Family

Q is helping you to self-direct your energy. It helps you to leave stress out of your family environment. When you are in the green zone (coherency level is high) come home, when you are in the 'red' you better take a detour and pick up your favourite coffee from Starbucks and calm down before you come home.

Q will monitor the kids stress factor at school, if they had a balanced diet, enough sleep and enough time for physical activity and mental relaxation.

Q and your Eating Habits

Q assembles the best nutrients for you and your family according to your needs. It may tell you to eat more fat so that your brain can function on a higher level. Fat? Yep!
It will tell you when your blood sugar is too high or low and when you have achieved your ketogenic state for optimal body performance.

And by the way, you don't have to enrol in a fat-loss/diet program anymore. You can connect with your nutrition coach via text message any time during the day through your LifeStyle app for $9.95 in case you have a question 'what to eat' in the restaurant and 'what to cut' at a lunch buffet. Your coach can track your bio-levels at any time (wireless of course) and can contact you when you hit the red danger zone and you are at risk for a heart attack. Of course, there is a mute button on your Q.

Q and your Mental Zone

Q will tell you how and when to get in-the-Zone for optimal mental performance, in case you have to focus for a test, your exam or at work. When your stress level is up and your brain is inhibited, stress hormones are all floating around in your body it is time to re-calibrate and synchronize your Autonomic Nervous System for maximum performance and health benefits. Q reminds you to do your breathing exercises (as part of your meditation program). You will be able to get back to the green zone in about 2 minutes and can function in a more uplifting and more energetic level.

Q for Fire Fighters, Police and Soldiers

Fire fighters, police officers and our soldiers use their Q to self-monitor and to signalize them to remove themselves from the first response squad when their stress level is too high and can cause a physical and or mental defect. Colleagues that are currently in a 'neutral' state will get a signal and respond to the call. Only the most alert and best functioning first responders will make the right decisions, from what lives may depend on. High stress personnel can train their resiliency levels and can prevent long term disability.

Q for Everybody

Q will feedback to you how much sleep you got and if it was sufficient. Q evaluates your bio-data and warns us if we are in crisis and if our body has been exposed to a toxic environment, tells you if you had sufficient sunlight for your vitamin D levels and enough water intakes. The bio-data is monitored by your monitoring Q headquarters in your country, region, or city. Professionals are there to help you when needed. You have your family physician around your wrist, when you are on a trip, on a cruise ship or on a hiking tour in the Himalaya Mountains.

Q in Sport

Athletes will be informed about their genetic disposition and able to push their limits while self-controlling their data. No overuse, no burn-out. Effectiveness instead, individualized training and recovery.

Q bio-screens your body and mind to prevent injuries, helps to recover from a concussion, your last marathon or Pro-game and refreshes your mental and physical game. Q tells the athlete when and what to use to refuel the athlete's cell batteries and the neural connections for physical and mental coordination.

If our bodies work more in sync and less in crisis mode we can expect a decrease in sickness days, drug prescription and overall chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. We will finally control and minimize our economic losses, health expenses, and can start optimising medical and mental care with preventative measures.

Q will make us more responsible for our own performance, health and well-being. It is our onStar System and can GPS you through day-to-day challenges and reacts in case of an emergency like the RoadAssistance program that comes with your new car purchase.

Houston we have a problem - Help is on its way! Thanks to Q.

Q is Free ... it may have a retail value of $199 but it will safe the economy a three figure billion dollar amount, our health system another three figure billion dollar amount ... makes almost a trillion per year. And don't forget that Q helps people to feel more 'neutral' and less reactive which will decrease domestic violence and the risk of war.

When can I get my Q watch? Houston - Do we have to wait till 2018? Cupertino may have the solution.

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