10/02/2014 10:03 am ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

The Power of a 'Selfie' -- A Misunderstood Tool to Increase Your Confidence in Business

The public opinion about 'Selfies' - a self-generated self-portrait - is quite negative or as I would like to say hugely misunderstood, misinterpreted and underrated. Here is why.

For athletes it is common sense that they have to believe first that they can become the next Olympian before they actually become the Olympian. The dream was first, followed by the desire and a strong believe that this dream can become true.
For an entrepreneur it is very similar: You have to believe that you have the service or product to serve clients and know that your customers will show up when you are open for business.
For a person who is injured or sick this person has to believe that everything will be fine to support the therapy and healing power of the body, for somebody who is overweight the strong believe that their body weight will be fine after changing a diet is a pre-requisite.

You have to believe it first before you can see it.

So, how can a self-portrait enhance your belief system ? Can a 'Selfie' make it even real?

If I can feel myself into the desired outcome of my dream it makes me feel good. If I can capture this feeling over a period of time by looking at a picture with me and (for example) in front of the Olympic stadium in LA, or in front of an Apple store in my town, in front of an apartment building that I am planning to own or invest in, in front of Wall Street because I believe that I can bring my company to the New York Stock Exchange or a 'Selfie' with me and my idol singer or actor - it makes it more real. More tangible. This is the time were I manifest my desire.

The art of using a 'Selfie' powerfully is to see yourself as already reached your goal and being extremely happy in this role. You have to feel the positive energy that you can hopefully emanate from your self-generated future situation. If it is the opposite, such as "I am not good enough to become a great athlete, not smart enough to become a successful entrepreneur, too old or young to reach my goals ..." it will also create your believe system of 'not being good enough'.

If you truly want to become successful in your business, imagine yourself as you have already achieved your goal, show yourself in the desired situation with a 'Selfie' that shows your true and wanted 'Self' and it will help you to get you there quicker. It will also help to remind you, when life is in your way, what you truly and really, really want. Transform a 'Selfie' into an "I-believe-in-me" picture! You have nothing to worry about. Get there where you want! See yourself there. Use the power of an understood 'Selfie'. And if it works for you - that's all it matters.

Dirk Stroda is the High Performance Mental Coach for many Olympians and Confidence Coach for CEO's and Entrepreneurs.