12/09/2013 11:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

73-Year-Old UPS Driver Drives Better Than You Do

Last Tuesday, the Today show covered a story about a UPS driver that had just completed his 51st year behind the steering wheel of a UPS delivery truck. While being at any job for 51 years is quite an accomplishment, the story doesn't end there. Driver Tom Camp has been delivering packages for UPS for 51 years in a suburb of Detroit... without a single accident.

To date, the 73 year old holds the company record for number of days at UPS without an accident. Just as an example, this writer hasn't even been alive as long as Tom's been working and there's been... well... we don't need to count how many accidents there's been. Trust, there's been more than one.

Take a moment and think about your parents or grandparents. Do they drive that well? We're starting to think that maybe when Mr. Camp does retire (which, for the record, he won't do anytime soon), he should think about holding driving classes for the AARP crowd. "How not to put your brakes on and point at the house your best friend grew up in while in rush hour traffic," could be the title of the first course. The second could be "Sunday does not give you permission to drive 26mph on the interstate."

The possibilities are endless.

Mr. Camp, we wish you the best as you continue your rule as the most accident-free driver at UPS. And please, let us know when you're read to spill your driving secrets. So, we can pass them on to our friend, Lindsay Lohan.


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