11/13/2014 11:45 am ET Updated Jan 13, 2015

50 Things I've Done Since My Divorce That You Should Do Too

By Sarcastic Fringehead for

In the years following my divorce I've done the following things. I can't recommend them highly enough.

1. Totally fallen apart.

2. Completely pulled myself back together again.

3. Repeated 1 and 2 several times.

4. Upped the meds.

5. Stopped caring what he thinks of me.

6. Stopped caring what most people think of me.

7. Started having sex again.

8. Really enjoyed it for the first time.

9. Traveled alone.

10. Traveled alone with my kids.

11. Confidently started saying "table for one" without being apologetic.

12. Decided that "with his new wife" was my go to answer to "Where's your husband?"

13. Laughed at my level of happiness.

14. Cried at my level of sadness.

15. Asked for help.

16. Received it.

17. Admitted defeat.

18. Claimed victory.

19. Lowered all my bills.

20. Found my own place to live.

21. Negotiated my own lease.

22. Got my own credit card in my name.

23. Got my old name back.

24. Checked off "Head of Household" on more than one form.

25. Went back to work.

26. Went back to school.

27. Went back to bed.

28. Powered through.

29. Curled up in the fetal position.

30. Cried openly.

31. Cried alone.

32. Cried with my children.

33. Wiped their tears.

34. Stopped thinking about what should have been.

35. Started working on what could be.

36. Counted my blessings.

37. Been pissed off at what sometimes seems my curse.

38. Started thinking for myself.

39. Dyed my hair, at various times, purple, green and blue.

40. Considered a tattoo or piercing.

41. Decided that "Fuck yes!" is my motto.

42. Told him to fuck off.

43. Rebuilt.

44. Renewed.

45. Rethought relationships.

46. Asked Spirit for help.

47. Stopped getting Brazilian waxes.

48. Stopped looking for answers.

49. Started moving forward.

50. Genuinely began looking forward to the future.

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